UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report

UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report


More than ever, UEFA are aware of the great sustainability that they carry across Europe and around the world. Though many of their events last season were postponed, UEFA's valuable work in the area of social responsibility continued, in cooperation with National Associations and specialist partners.

UEFA remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that the principles of social responsibility are firmly embedded in everything that it does. UEFA, in close cooperation with partner organisations, continues to support, foster and encourage social responsibility in all of its activities, as well as those of its 55 member associations and other stakeholders. UEFA aims to ensure clear and transparent reporting on all of the social responsibility activities that it undertakes or supports. This is the eighth annual UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report and the third in the 2017/18–2020/21 business cycle


The UEFA approach to social responsibility is carefully structured and designed to both create and retain long-term benefits for society through football. The core directives of the UEFA social responsibility portfolio are based on a selection of five-year strategic partnerships which strive for antidiscrimination and diversity, social integration and reconciliation, active and healthy lifestyle, implementing football for everyone as well as funding an important series of football foundations and charity programmes.

UEFA recognises the essential nature of social responsibility and football and this includes fair play on the pitch.


IFCPF – Playing our part

The International Federation of CP Football (IFCPF) aims to harness its position and profile as a leading international sports federation in order to inspire people to achieve their full potential through the sport of CP football.




  • Grow participation across all levels and formats of the game.
  • Establish a competition structure, pathways and greater worldwide representation, while demonstrating clear, robust and accountable processes and policies.
  • Support the development of all people involved in the delivery of CP football.
  • Communicate the IFCPF’s message and harness the potential of the organisation’s global reach. Build, nurture and activate key partnerships.


IFCPF Highlight in the report


IFCPF has developed a plan for CP football (female), focusing on well-targeted investment and capacity building in order to achieve more than parity and help to promote and grow the female format of CP football everywhere, for everyone. One of the projects that IFCPF launched as part of its female development strategy was the new Kickstart CP Football (Female) project, which is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

This project aims to look at the question of how female players want to play and interact with the game of football, providing IFCPF with input that can be used to develop and govern the game through a player-centric approach.

As a collaborative learning project, partners are tasked with consulting their own target audience, developing activity plans and then delivering participant-focused activities in order to gain insight into the question of how to grow the sport of CP football and female participation. At the end of the project, a resource will be produced for dissemination to the entire CP football family and the whole of the parasport community, giving guidance (including case studies and best practices) on developing sport for female players


Jan-Hein Evers, IFCPF President said;


“As a respected partner of UEFA, we are grateful for their support. Our governance is robust, we are giving a platform to inspiring youth ambassadors, we are improving the communication of our message, and we are pleased to be working closely with UEFA to find new ways of promoting CP football”.

UEFA Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) Reports

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