Frame Football

Frame Football, as a new format of the game for those athletes who require the use of walking/gait training equipment, has been designed, developed and trialed with considerable positive feedback from coaches, equipment specialists, physiotherapists, parents and, most importantly, players.


Piloted in England in 2014, the sport has now spread to countries all over the world as a participation programme with hopes that it will one day become an internationally competitive sport. IFCPF is working in partnership with CPISRA, to further explore and develop this new format of football to give athletes with high support needs a platform to participate and compete on a level playing field through a game that specifically caters to their abilities. As a format of football, programmes established so far have found a good balance of gender representation.



What is Frame Football?

Frame football is a adapted football form, where children who use a walker / walking frame can also enjoy the football game. In frame football, fun and exercise are central.

Frame football can be played on grass, but sometimes it is more convenient to opt for a paved surface such as a sports hall, handball court or a (hockey) artificial turf, so that the children can move as smoothly as possible.



What are the benefits of playing Frame Football?

  • Supports physiotherapy and exercise through sport
  • Improve health by participating in regular physical activity
  • Participation in a team sport with players with similar abilities
  • Learn team and individual Frame Football skills
  • Focus on ability not disability




Introduction to Frame Football course

In February 2019, IFCPF delivered our first 'Introduction to Frame Football course' in Tokyo, Japan with Esperanza CP Football club. Knoweldge and materials have been developed through a range of partners such as Cerebral Palsy Sport (England), Quest88 and CPISRA.

If you would like to develop Frame Football in your country, please contact IFCPF to see how we can work together and support you to develop Frame Football opportunities for young players with physical disabilities.

IFCPF is the recognised governing body for Frame Football, working in partnership with CPISRA to develop the sport worldwide.

Frame Football development is coordinated through the Frame Football Development Group.

For more information about Frame Football, contact IFCPF here