As a leading International Sport Federation, part of our mission is to 'inspire people to achieve their full potential through the sport of CP Football.'


Through building the capacity and capability of the CP Football family, we are investing in the game to create a robust and sustainable future. IFCPF and CP Football, live and breathe a learning culture. Bringing together key tools through our Education Programme will support the development of people in all roles of delivering the sport of CP Football.


Our Education Programme embraces cost effective ways of working by using technology to connect with all members of the CP Football family. As the programme develops, we seek to support the incredible workforce of employed staff and volunteers that deliver our game; always challenging the norm and exceeding expectations.


IFCPF Education Programme

To launch the programme, we are implementing six training methods to reach all members of the CP Football family.


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  • Training Ground
    Training Ground
  • Action Replay
    Action Replay
  • Transfer Window
    Transfer Window
  • Knowledge Library
    Knowledge Library
  • Study Visit
    Study Visit
  • Team Talk
    Team Talk