IFCPF Strategic Plan - 2019-2022

In order to reach the goals set in the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 IFCPF have established seven priorities for the development of CP Football. Each of these pillars are carefully constructed so the future of CP Football is built on a firm foundation, with our core values for Integrety, Unity, Leadership and Excellence clear in mind. The future of CP Football is looking bright. As IFCPF, we look forward to working with you, as we endeavor to bring together all members of the CP Football Family to deliver future success for our sport.

Our Strategic Priorities


  • Growing participation across all levels and formats of the game


  • Establishing a structure of competition, pathways and greater worldwide representation


  • Showcasing sporting excellence through highly competitive events and participation of the world's best athletes


  • Supporting the development of people in all roles of delivering the sport of CP Football


  • Demonstrating clear, robust, accountable processes and policies


  • Sharing our message and harnessing the potential of our global reach


  • Building, nurturing and activating key partnerships


Bringing the plan to life

Officially formed in January 2015, CP Football became an independent sport after 37 years under the ‘Cerebral Palsy Sport and Recreation Association’ (CPISRA). Ever since we have been developing our sport to offer all members of the CP Football family a platform to fall in love with the game. Laying the foundations to grow participation, IFCPF have a range of programmes and initiatives focused on developing specific areas of the game and providing support to our membership.

We aim to bring this plan to life by further exploring:

  • Our Programmes
  • Management and Delivery
  • Guiding Behaviours
  • Measuring and Reporting
  • Sustainability
  • Funding