Becoming a Member

CP Football Governance

IFCPF is the sport governing body for CP Football. IFCPF invites you to apply for membership in our federation.


CPISRA members voted to approve the transfer of governance of CP Football (Football 7-a-side) to the newly created International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) at its General Assembly held in Barcelona, Spain on October 11th and 12th of 2014, effective January 1, 2015.


Full Members
National organisations recognized as having the responsibility for the sport of CP Football within their countries. Full Members must be active participants in international CP Football competitions (or be actively working towards such competition.) Full Members are expected to maintain affiliation with their country’s National Paralympic Committee. Full members are eligible to host the major international CP Football competitions which are sanctioned by IFCPF (Regional and World Championships). Full Members have voting rights, and only one organisation per country may become a Full Member.
Affiliate Members
National organisations responsible for developing the sport of CP Football where there is no organisation which meets the requirements to be a Full Member. In addition, where there are multiple organisations responsible for CP Football in a country, then those organisations which are not the Full Member for that country may become Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members are eligible to host national and international competitions which are sanctioned by IFCPF. Affiliate members do not have voting rights.
Associate Members
Organisations or individuals with an interest in promoting the sport of CP Football in their country. Associate Members do not have voting rights. 
Courtesy Members
In 2016, IFCPF implemented a new courtesy membership to support new and developing countries to become members of IFCPF whilst in the early stages of developing their CP Football programmes. This initiative has supported 13 countries so far to become members of IFCPF, particularly 4 from the African region.

Becoming a Member

In the downloads section of this page, the Application Form can be found, describing the three categories of membership available.

  • Full voting membership will be granted to the organization which is responsible for governing the sport of CP Football in their country.
  • Affiliate membership (non-voting) is available to organizations which are actively developing and promoting CP Football.
  • Associate members (non-voting) are members with an interest in promoting the sport of CP Football.


In order to apply for membership in IFCPF we require the following:

  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Letter of support from your NPC (Full Members only).
  3. Your organisation’s Constitution.
  4. A list of your directors or responsible officials.
  5. Payment of membership fee (€ 900 Full Member, € 750 Associate Member, € 450 Affiliate Member and € 450 Courtesy Member).