IFCPF achieves ANBI Status

IFCPF achieves ANBI Status


IFCPF is pleased to share that we have achieved ANBI status to be registered as a non-profit / Public Benefit Organisation in the Netherlands.


ANBI is the non-profit tax designation in the Netherlands issued by the Tax Office in accordance with the general tax laws (Uitvoeringsregeling Algemene Wet Rijksbelastingen 1994).

ANBI stands for (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This designation is issued to organisations, which meet the required criteria and the Tax Office keeps an online searchable database of this information (www.anbi.nl/#ANBI). Since the constitutional change non-profit organizations on the BES islands can now apply for ANBI status from the Dutch Tax Inspectorate. This status can be helpful for fundraising in the Netherlands.

Rights of an ANBI

ANBIs are entitled to certain tax advantages related to inheritance, gifts and donations.

  • Inheritance (erven): exemption from inheritance taxes
  • Gifts (schenken): exemption from gift tax (schenkbelasting)
  • Donations (giften): donations of goods or money to a good cause may be tax deductible for the donateur.

Advantages of becoming an ANBI

  • An ANBI does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax which the organization uses for non-profit purposes
  • Where an ANBI donates a gift for non-profit purposes the recipient is not required to pay gift tax
  • Volunteers who work for an ANBI may be considered to be making an in-kind donation to the organization
  • Donateurs may deduct the value of their one time or periodic gift to an ANBI from their income tax


As an International Federation working to develop, sustain and grow opportunities for players with disabilities, IFCPF is a non-profit and must therefore continually find ways to fund and sustain what we do.

With a very challenging year behind us, and still many months ahead that will impact the activities, income and funding of our organisation, it is vital that we continue to build a robust and sustainable governing body for the long-term viability of our sport.

We are extremely grateful to our members, partners and many others who support the work of IFCPF.