Opening & first match of 2022 IFCPF Womenโ€™s World Cup Salou

Opening & first match of 2022 IFCPF Womenโ€™s World Cup Salou


Today we made history with the inaugural IFCPF Women’s World Cup in Salou, Spain. Players and staff entered the Stadium in Salou with flag bearers for the participating countries of Japan, Australia, Netherlands, USA, and ofcourse Spain. We are proud and thankful.


At the opening there were speeches from Tom Langen Technical Director of IFCPF, Pere Granados, City Mayor Salou, Carles Muñoz President of FECPC and Sra. Carmina Blai of Secretaria General de l’Esport a Catalunya. All of these partners made it possible to organize this inaugural IFCPF Women’s World Cup.


At exactly 9:45, referee Igor Monteiro blew the whistle for the kick-off for the first match in the first IFCPF Women’s World Cup. It was obvious that both teams were nervous but during the first half Japan showed their dominancy. Japan player Mai Ohta scored the first goal ever in international Women's CP Football in the 4th minute. The half time score was 0 – 4 to Japan.  


After some substitutions it was in the second half a more equal game and also Spain were able to score. Japan beat the home country with a score of 1 – 6.


It was nice to see that there were so many spectators for this match. Please follow @ifcpf and to make sure you miss nothing of the IFCPF World Cup! 


Referees: Igor Monteiro, Karen Abt, Andrea Coca