World Champion Ukraine of the IFCPF World Cup

World Champion Ukraine of the IFCPF World Cup


Ukraine is the winner of the IFCPF World Cup Salou 2022. Ukraine won the match against Iran with 1-0. Brazil became third, they won with 2-0 from USA.

Iran and Ukraine entered the pitch to decide which was the best team of the competition. Iran was trying to be the world champion for the first time. In a match played in a very intense and competitive level, the Ukrainians scored the only goal of the game in the 13th minute, by the top scorer of the World Cup, number 10 Ivan Donenko.

After it, they made a very strong defence, while the Iranians tried hard to find a space to shoot and at least get the tie, what didn't happen.

End of the game, 1-0 for Ukraine, one more time the world champions. The victory was effusively applaused by all the spectators, and highly celebrated by the Ukrainians players and staff.

  • Most Valuable Player: Samuel Charron
  • Topscorer: Ivan Donenko
  • Best goalkeeper: Sean Boyle
IFCPF World Cup Salou 2022 ranking:
1st & Gold Medal Ukraine
2nd & Silver Medal Iran
3rd & Bronze Medal Brazil
4th USA
5th Netherlands
6th England
7th Ireland
8th Argentina
9th Canada
10th Spain
11th Australia
12th Germany
13th Venezuela
14th Thailand
15th Northern Ireland