Kenya continues to grow CP Football

Kenya continues to grow CP Football


After a workshop was hosted in Kenya back in April 2016, Lydiah Iregi, the CP Football President of Kenya, told us all about the progression CP Football has had over the last year.


"Developing CP Football in Kenya we have forty seven counties, Nairobi is the capital city. I have already registered 'Nairobi CP Football Club' men team. Soon we are planning to do an awareness campaign on CP and sports in other counties, then select a national team which will represent Kenya"

IFCPF Workshop

The workshop, conducted over the course of a 2-day period and led by IFCPF tutors, helped teach 17 participants about Coaching and Classification in CP Football. The group of 17 consisted of physiotherapists, coaches, administrators and members of the Kenya National Paralympic Committee.


Held at the “Kenya School Off Monetary Studies” in Nairobi, 10 motivated CP players took part in the practice of classification and training sessions in which after just 2 days, all the participants could recognise most of the classes on the field and delivered high quality training sessions.


Since then, Lydiah and her team have continued to keep CP Football growing. In April, the CP Football players will be having a re-match against the Armputee Kenya Football Team, who they played during the workshop last year.


It was clear when IFCPF visited just how keen their coaches are to learn from the federation and have had continuous contact in trying to find new ways to coach and better their players.


On top of this, they are also hopeful that the CP Football team will meet with an able bodied local team, in which Lydiah and her team hopes that it will help motivate and expose their players.


Despite facing some issues with a lack of equipment, they have persevered and continued to work hard to progress their CP Football team through the help of other organisations.


Through all this hard work, the Kenya CP Football team are hoping they will reach their goal which is to play in an international tournament within the next year, a realistic and achievable goal.


Written by Holly Percival - IFCPF Communications Officer