IPC maintains the Tokyo 2020 position

IPC maintains the Tokyo 2020 position


Compliments but no change!

The IPC Governing Board noted the initiatives IFCPF has begun in order to strengthen and grow its worldwide reach. While they appreciate these efforts, it was also confirmed that the admission process for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games concluded in January 2015.


"We are confident that IFCPF will submit a strong application for inclusion in the 2024 Games once we initiate that process in less than three years’ time." - IPC Governing Board 

Parasport News

Laura Hall for ParaSport News has written a summary of the two sports who are not included in Tokyo 2020. An interesting article with a positvie conclusion for CP Football.  


“One sport looks placed to potentially be back on the program for 2024, and one sport appears to be headed towards irrelevancy as it refuses to change.  Cerebral Palsy Football should be cheered for the steps they have taken to fix what was wrong, and dedicating itself towards delivering high quality sport around the world to people with cerebral palsy." Click on the link on the right for the full article.