Barcelona to host 10th International CP Football Tournament

Barcelona to host 10th International CP Football Tournament


10th Barcelona International Trophy of CP Football will take place at the Camp de Futbol Agapito Fernández from 4th to 7th June 2015, with 82 players, 12 staff and 6 referees. In the last 9 editions, some of the top teams from all around the world took part in the Barcelona International Trophy. Eleven different countries have attended our trophy in these 10 editions. Finland, Denmark, Venezuela, Tunis, South Africa, Portugal, USA, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands and this time two new countries from Africa which are Ghana and Nigeria. We can say proudly that our Trophy is nowadays a reference in the world of CP Football. 


Programme Amendment: 4th June 2015

An amended programme will now see Ghana and Nigeria replaced with a second team from Catalonia, to create a 3 team tournament with Tunisia. The new schedule is available in the downloads section.


Competing Teams


This is the second time that Tunisia have been part of our Trophy and also their second international participation. When Tunisia participated in the last edition of the trophy, they competed very well against great teams like USA, England and Portugal. They finished in 4th position but had a very good competition, drawing against Portugal and competing positively against USA and England.



The Catalan team will present this time a new and younger roster. The new national coach and retired player Ramon del Pino with the help of our old Head Coach, Ivan Estany, will try to put the first pillars to build a new and competitive team.


05/06/2015 - Catalonia A 2 - 0 Tunisia (16:00)

This was the most interesting and competitive match during the trophy. Both teams played a very equal match, where possession and opportunities were much from both sides. But some defensive mistakes in the first half allowed Tunisia to take advantage (21 mins) by number 18 from Tunisia Nahali Mohamed (FT7).

Later, in the second half some very good opportunities for the Catalan squad who were very close to score in different opportunities through some free kicks taken by Ismael Grau (FT8) but the goalkeeper dealt with them very well.

But at 52 minutes a very interesting new player from the Tunisian delegation Chida Mohamed (FT8) scored a spectacular goal (52 mins) from the middle of the pitch, securing the match for the Tunisian team. Although Catalonia kept trying to score and reduce the difference they were unable to score.


06/06/2015 - Catalunya B 1 โ€“ 8 Catalunya A (12:00)

The second match brought together both Catalan teams. Although the B team was made up of very young but promising players from the different feeder teams of the Catalan Federation, the experienced players from the A team never let the youngers from Catalonia B have the play, developing their game and practically controlled the whole match conserving the ball and moving it fast changing and attacking from both sides of the pitch. Just in the second half when the 1st team of Catalonia played with their bench players, the B team reached to score a goal in a free kick from the middle of the pitch.


06/06/2015 - Tunisia 10 - 0 Catalonia B (18:15)

There was not too much history in this match as Catalonia B were included as a third team made up of the youngest and most promising players from their feeder teams. Tunisia ruled absolutely all parts of the game and scored 10 goals. Catalonia B team reached to attack the Tunisian goal just in the second half thanks to the Tunisian team relaxing and through some free kicks, but they were not able to get over the goalkeeper.



Chida Mohamed was proclaimed the most valuable player of the trophy.

Catalonia B finished in third place, Catalonia A in second place and Tunisia finieshed in first place as winners of the 10th Barcelona International Trophy of CP Football

Results can be found in the downloads section