IPC Governing Board invite CP Football into the Paris 2024 application process

IPC Governing Board invite CP Football into the Paris 2024 application process


A total of eleven new sports and disciplines expressed interest in joining the programme. At a meeting in Bonn on Saturday 27th January the IPC Governing Board reviewed all candidates. With regards to the sport of CP Football the Board decided to invite IFCPF into the main application phase.


Phase 2

IFCPF will receive the full application package next month and will then have until July 2018 to create our submission to be part of the Paris 2024 Sport Programme.


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The IPC makes key decisions for future Games

From article: 'The IPC makes key decisions for future Games'

"In relation to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games sport programme, the IPC Governing Board approved which sports and disciplines that expressed an interest for inclusion in the Games in November should proceed to the next stage of the application process.

Going forward to Phase 2 will be CP Football, Golf, Powerchair Football and Sailing. All of these sports according to their applications appear to meet certain core requirements of the IPC Handbook including compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, IPC Athlete Classification Code, quadrennial competition calendar and worldwide reach.


Karate and Para Dance Sport will move to the next stage as well to be potentially considered as additions outside of the official Paris 2024 Paralympic sport programme.

The Board decided that Surfing and the Taekwondo Poomsae discipline will not proceed to Phase 2 as both currently are not widely and regularly practiced in 32 countries, the minimum number required for individual sports and disciplines to be considered for Paralympic Games inclusion. Trap Shooting will not proceed to the next stage for the same reason; in addition the discipline has no quadrennial competition programme in place. Arm wrestling and wheelchair basketball 3-on-3 also have no quadrennial competition programmes and therefore will not be considered for the next phase.


Andrew Parsons said: “I would like to thank and congratulate all International Federations that put forward new sports and disciplines for consideration in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Programme. The fact that six of the 11 applicants will go forward to the next stage underlines the growing strength of sports within the Paralympic Movement.

“These six new sports, together with the 22 existing Paralympic sports, will now take part in the most comprehensive application process in Paralympic history as we aim to ensure that the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games features the best possible sports with the strongest global appeal.”

Sports will have until 9 July to complete application packs that feature a series of questions that aim to give the IPC detailed information regarding each sport’s governance, rules and regulations, associated costs, anti-doping programme compliance and activities, worldwide reach, quadrennial competition programme and procedures to ensure athlete welfare.

Following a thorough review of all applications, including full agreement from the IOC and Paris 2024, the IPC Governing Board will announce its final decision on the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games sport programme in January 2019."