UPDATE: IFCPF Competitions โ€“ COVID-19 Situation

UPDATE: IFCPF Competitions โ€“ COVID-19 Situation


IFCPF wishes to provide a further update on our current position for upcoming IFCPF events in light of the global COVID-19 (Corona Virus) situation. The current World Health Organization (WHO) Risk Assessment now has a Global Level of Very High, as communicated in the latest WHO Situation Report – ‘ Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report – 48.


2020 IFCPF Nations Cup(m) โ€“ Olbia, Italy

IFCPF would like to thank the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of this competition for their responsive communication and collaborative approach in managing this difficult situation; with athletes’ welfare always central to decisions being made. We would like to confirm our confidence in the LOC and the island of Sardinia in providing a safe environment for this important event to take place.


It is with great disappointment, that we have taken the decision together to postpone the 2020 IFCPF NationsCup(m) in Italy until later this year. The new dates for the event are 15th – 25th October 2020, with the LOC and location remaining unchanged.


All involved parties and participating nations best interests have been taken into account. Through our ‘Strategic Risk Assessment and Management Plan’ we are sure that the event could take place with minimal risk to the safety and welfare of all involved; however, it is the wider implications and personal impacts that have led to a postponement being the most appropriate way forward.


Health Guidance

We advise that all members monitor the global situation closely, ensuring that you research the latest advice and guidance to protect your athletes and staff. This may have an impact upon training sessions and competitions which you are planning to hold in the near future.


The WHO provide information and guidance in relation to COVID-19, particularly in relation to protecting yourself and preventing spread, here:  https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses


IFCPF Events

In regard to all other IFCPF events, we are closely monitoring the situation together with our LOCs, and referring to the continually updated guidance from the WHO. We wish to provide reassurance that we seek to avoid disruption to events wherever possible, but ultimately the safety of all people involved in our events is our priority.


At this current time all other events will go ahead as planned; however should the situation change, IFCPF will provide an update as soon as possible to all parties involved.