Ten years of Total Football #TotalAccess


The International Federation of CP Football is pleased to offer our support to this season’s CAFE Week of Action – Total Football #TotalAccess.


CAFE Week of Action

The CAFE Week of Action is an annual celebration of the many diverse and different roles that people with disabilities can play within the game. Whether as fans, players, coaches, employees, media or leaders and decision makers, football is for everyone.

There are over one billion people with disabilities worldwide – around 15% of the global population. Despite this, people with disabilities are often one of the most under-represented groups in our wider society.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, and each of us who loves the game can help to make it truly inclusive and welcoming for all.


About CAFE

Since 2010, CAFE has worked with UEFA and stakeholders across the game to promote the wider inclusion of people with disabilities through the unique power of football.Their works have meant that stadiums across Europe are more accessible than ever before, but there is still more work to be done.

50% of people with disabilities are understood to have never attended a public or sporting event. We are proud to join with other clubs, leagues and national associations across Europe to celebrate our supporters with disabilities, and our commitment to true inclusion for all.

We share CAFE’s aim of a totally accessible game –Total Football #TotalAccess. This is the standard that football should be aspiring to achieve, and we look forward to working with CAFE and other partners towards that.

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We welcome you to join us in celebrating European football’s largest access and inclusion initiative during the CAFE Week of Action 2020.

Total Football #TotalAccess