Meet Bryan Kilpatrick Elliott, IFCPF Youth Ambassador

Meet Bryan Kilpatrick Elliott, IFCPF Youth Ambassador


Let's meet Bryan Kilpatrick Elliott. This twelve-year-old is a very active CP Football player and IFCPF are very happy to announce that the player of Fishlake Falcons, CP United and the Cerebral Palsy talent pathway squad has agreed to become our first Youth Ambassador.

Based in South Yorkshire, England, Bryan enjoys playing in midfield and sometimes in defence. He has right-sided hemiplegia and is left-footed.

Bryan is the first Youth Ambassador of CP Football which IFCPF have started working with. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious, his presence is undeniable. We have produced a video together with Bryan to further introduce him to the CP Football family. Check it out below.

We will follow Bryan closely as he continues to check in with us and share his story.

IFCPF Ambassador programme

IFCPF wants to create connection with all member of our worldwide CP Football family, telling the stories of our players to inspire the next generation. Identifying individuals and sharing their achievements with all our supporters, will shine a spotlight on our players making them the face of CP Football.


Just like our approach to governance and development, IFCPF is committed to representation of people in all roles of delivering the sport of CP Football, especially highlighting people with impairments, regions of the world and gender.

We look forward to working with our ambassadors and supporters as we endeavour to bring together all members of the CP Football family to deliver future success for our sport.