Former Dutch pros help raise awareness for CP Football

Former Dutch pros help raise awareness for CP Football


The Dutch CP Football national team was challenged to a match by a celebrity team consisting of former football players such as Glenn Helder and Pascal Bosschaart and a mixture of other Dutch celebrities.


The match was played at the KNVB campus in Zeist on Friday 22nd of February, where the visiting "RTL 7 Sterrenteam" wondered why they weren't playing on regular sized goals. After a short explanation this was cleared up.

The match resulted in a 6-4 win for the celebrities. Afterwards both teams enjoyed a meal together on the KNVB Campus and mingled amongst eachother. 

"A number of the celebrities shared pictures on social media. We as CP Football hope to benefit from their large networks to find new players for both our senior and youth national teams", said Netherlands' CP Football head coach Max Raeven.

Check some of the social media spin-off after the match on the celebrities' pages.

For a short video of the match, click here.

Check out all pictures of the match below.