Brazil are the 2019 Lima Parapan champions!

Brazil are the 2019 Lima Parapan champions!


Brazil have retained their title as Parapan American Games champions. In an exciting match they beat Argentina 5-3, coming back from a goal down on two occasions. The final marked the end of the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, in which six teams participated. USA have won the bronze after beating Venezuela 7-0 in the first match of the day. Colombia have finished fifth as hosts Peru came in last.

Brazil are the comeback kings of Lima

The final, led by Margareth Domka, was an exciting and close one. Argentina were the first to take advantage, captain Pablo Molina shot from a metre of 20 away and passed the goalkeeper of Brazil. Just before half-time Brazil was back in it. Evandro de Oliveira appeared before the Argentinian goal and couldn't miss thay opportunity.

Both teams were hard at work, gaining several yellow cards along the way. Just after the break Brazil took the lead for the first time, just to see their advantage being wiped out only two minutes later. In the 40th minute Argentina was in the lead again when Rodrigo Lugrin shot from inside the box. 

After that, Brazil were done playing nice. Ubirajara Magalhaes scored twice in the remainder of the match, Evandro scored his second of the match. The celebrations were on for Brazil when the referee whistled for the last time. Brazil are the Parapan American Champions for another four years!

USA win bronze after scoring seven against Venezuela

In Seth Jahn's last match for the USA, the American side were off to a great start. Scoring two times already in the first seven minutes. They repeated that mean feat in the second half, when the score was doubled within four minutes. 

USA cruised to victory, tournament top scorer Cameron DeLillo scoring twice. David Garza scored with an amazing flying kick before retiring Seth Jahn finalized the score at 7-0. After the whistle blew his teammates ran to him, celebrating his achievements for the team.

This is the second time within a year that Team USA win bronze. In November they were third in the IFCPF Americas Championships.