Brazil and England conclude the Final Four

Brazil and England conclude the Final Four


Brazil were faced with conceding a goal in the last minute of the official time, but managed to equalize just before extra time was over. The winning goal came in overtime. England played a better second half than the United States after the 1-1 at the malf way mark, especially captain Matt Crossen was on fire with a hat-trick. Germany beat Finland 16-1 in the highest score of the tournament, Ireland passed Japan 3-0 for the plaeces 9-16.

The tension was high in the Brazil-Iran match, resulting in two red cards for Iran. Despite the advantage in numbers on the pitch, Brazil were unable to break the deadlock. Iran took the lead in the 60th minute, only to see Brazil equalize in the third minute of extra time. In the first half of overtime the Americas champions from 2018 scored again and qualified for the semifinals against Ukraine.

Later that evening world number 4 USA and number 7 England faced each other in the last quarterfinal. A seriously weakened USA, due to suspensions and injuries, could not cope with England. From the start, England dominated the game. USA defended stiffly and even took the lead through a scrimmage. England was able to score the equalizer before the break. After the break it was captain Matt Crossen who brought England to the semifinal with a hat-trick. USA never gave up and came back to 4-2. USA have now to play for position 5 to 8 and England will face Russia in the semifinals.

Biggest score for Germany

Finland was no match for the strong Germans. The Mannschaft scored enthusiastically. Already during the break a score of 10 zero was noted. After the break the Germans went on to achieve the highest possible score.

Japan was a difficult opponent for Ireland in the first half. They defended with everything they had and gave few opportunities away. It took until 27 minutes for Ireland to find a first opening and scored. In the extra time of the first half, the excellent Irish captain Garry Messett scored the 2-0. In the second half, Ireland had much more possession and a clear field dominance. Japan never came close to the Irish goalkeeper. Ireland scored a third goal. Final result 3-0.

Monday is a day off for all teams, we will resume on Tuesday with the following matches:

9:00 Thailand-Finland - no stream available
9:10 Spain-Japan - Live streamed
11:25 Australia-Germany - Live streamed
11:15 Canada-Ireland - No stream available
18:55 Netherlands-Iran - Live streamed
18:45 Argentina-USA - No stream available
21:10 Ukraine-Brazil - Live streamed
21.00 Russia-England - No stream available

All times are CEST.