Argentina outplay USA, Brazil remain unbeaten

Argentina outplay USA, Brazil remain unbeaten


Argentina made it count when they had to. With the 2-0 win over USA they keep their chances for advancing to the final alive. Both teams are now tied in second place behind Brazil who won their third match of the competition against Colombia 4-0. Venezuela got in thier first win by beating Peru 12-0.

Argentina open strong and outlast USA

The first match of day 3 was all or nothing for Argentina. Following their 2-0 loss against Brazil on Sunday they had to beat USA in order to keep their hopes for a final alive. On the other had, if USA could get a draw their path towards the final would be almost open.

Argentina came out flying in the first half, showing lots of courage and a great effort. Christian Billordio opened the score, the Argentinian nr. 9 benefited from a brief opportunity given by the USA defence. Mariano Morano doubled the score just before half-time, which was also the final score. Team USA pressed all throughout the second half, but was unable to score.

With the win of Argentina both teams now have 6 points from three matches. On Wednesday Argentina will play Peru, USA will meet Brazil

Brazil keep their winning streak

With a few substitutes on the pitch compared to the match against Argentina, Brazil tried to find a gap in the defence of Colombia. The Colombians knew they would mostly have to defend against the 2018 Americas Champions, who already scores 12 times in the first two matches.

Colombia coulf fend off Brazil until the 26th minute when the unfortunate Alex Marquez headed the ball past his own goalkeeper. That broke the deadlock and Brazil immediately scored a second goal before the break. In the second half two early goals defined the score to 4-0. 

Brazil lead the Round Robin group with three wins from three matches. They play USA on Wednesday.


Peru suffer another big defeat

Peru's goalkeeper Jaime Regalado has already had to concede 22 goals in the first two matches, but still he's saving balls left and right. Despite his great efforts, Peru again suffered a big defeat. Venezuela had not won a match this Para Pan American Games, but they had their sights set on a big win Monday.

José Quitana scored four goals and his replacement Willian Sanchez managed to score two also. All together seven Venezuelan players found their name on the scoreboard after the match. 

Venezuela will play Colombia on Wednesday, a match that potentially decides who will get to play for a medal this coming weekend.