Cameron DeLillo rushes USA to thrilling win over Brazil

Cameron DeLillo rushes USA to thrilling win over Brazil


By scoring in the dying seconds of the game, Team USA striker Cameron DeLillo kept his team alive in the 2019 Lima Para Pan American Games. In a tight and suspenseful match USA came from behind twice to eventually win. Three teams are now tied at 9 points from four matches, it's anyone's guess which two teams will make it to the final on Saturday. Argentina scored just 9 goals against Peru, they might be kicking themselves tomorrow when goal difference can keep them from playing the gold medal match. Venezuela beat Colombia in a hard fought 2-1 game, which will most likely put them in the bronze medal match.

Cameron DeLillo the celebrated man for Team USA

Brazil and United States are third and fourth in the world ranking and the match between them certainly didn't disappoint. Lots of chances for both teams, but excellent goalkeeping on either side made sure only five goals were to be made. Brazil opened the score with a shot from way out, captain Hebert Lemes Oviedo scored. Just before the break Benjamin Lindau scored the equalizer. Only to see Brazil score another before retiring for half time. César took the most of the opportunity given to him.

The second half started as fiercely as the first ended, USA pressing to get the goal. In the 45th minute Cameron DeLillo was tackled in the box, which gave Nick Mayhugh the chance to score from a penalty kick. He converted that chance. For a long time a draw was in the books, but one ball played back to goalkeeper Moacir of Brazil changed everything. Cameron DeLillo chased the ball down and made sure he was in the line of fire when the goalkeeper kicked the ball. It ricocheted of him into the goal for a overtime winner. 

USA, Brazil and Argentina are on 9 points each from four matches. On Thursday the last matches will make all the difference in who will get to play in the final.

Argentina forget to score more goals against Peru

The Argentinian coach Marcelo Sanchez might be kicking himself tonight. He gave his starting seven rest for the match against Peru, but the substitue players were unable to score enough. With Brazil scoring 10 and Colombia and Venezuela 12 against Peru, their 9 goals might be too little in the race for the gold medal match.

In the last five minutes of the match Argentina did score four goals. Wednesday will prove if nine goals were enough. Brazil and Argentina have the same goal difference at the moment (18 for, 3 against). USA have scored 14, conceded 4. 

On Thursday Brazil will play Venezuela, Argentina play Colombia. USA will open against Peru.

Important win for Venezuela over Colombia

The first match of the day was a scorcher as well. Two well balanced teams knew that a win would most likely put them in the bronze medal match. That's why both Venezuela and Colombia gave it their all. Venezuela had the best start, in the fifth minute topscorer Jose Quintana scored the first. Just before the first half was over, Colombia came back in it. 

With tension rising the deadlock was eventually broken by Gabriel Bravo, his goal put Venezuela within reach of a medal in the 2019 Lima Para Pan American Games.