Brazil and Argentina will play the final at Lima 2019

Brazil and Argentina will play the final at Lima 2019


The final of the 2019 Lima Parapan American Games on Saturday will be between Brazil and Argentina. Both teams knew up front that more than six goals were needed in order to advance to the gold-medal-match. Argentina beat Colombia 7-0 and Brazil took it even a step further against Venezuela. The world no. 3 won 15-0 and was well placed for the final. In the first match of the day USA beat hosts Peru the required 10-0, but they have to settle for playing for the bronze against Venezuela on Saturday morning.

Argentina battle themselves into the final

The six goals needed for Argentina to enter the gold-medal-match took quite a bit of struggle. In a hard fought first half los tigros managed to score four, but those goals didn't come easy. Colombia were defending with all they had in them. Several yellow cards were given, as some of the tackles and responses were over the line. Four penalty kicks were given to Argentina, three of which they scored.

In the second half the pressure was still on the Colombian goal, Argentina didn't let up. When Hernando Romussi scored the liberating sixth the party was on for Argentina. With the seven goals the passed USA in the standing and were sure they would play in the final.

Brazil overrun Venezuela to reach the final

Brazil had the same assignment Argentina had: score six goals at least and you'll be in the final. Venezuela had replaced goalkeeper Bello with Yefferson Perria. The brought on goalie played a very decent first half, only allowing Brazil to score three goals.

After the break Brazil were adament to score as many as they could. So after a few minutes the needed six goals were there. But that wasn't enough for the World no. 3, they went on to score 15 in total, leaving the Venezuelan goalkeeper in tears. Brazil and Argentina have reached their second final in a major tournament within one year, as they played the Americas Championship final last November. Brazil went on to become champions there, who will win now?

USA win 10-0, but still have to settle for the bronze-medal-match

USA started the day with hope of reacing the final, for them to have that chance at least ten goals were needed. They managed to do so against a still motivated Peru. Again lots of spectators came to cheer the home team on, but to no avail: USA put 8 behind Peru's excellent goalkeeper Regalado in the first half. When the last two goals were scored, USA let up and played relaxed to the end signal.

The crowd paid their respect to the Peruvian side by giving them a standing ovation after the match. They truly inspired everyone watching.