USA and Brazil lead the chart after day 2 in Lima

USA and Brazil lead the chart after day 2 in Lima


Brazil and USA still are without a loss, both teams haven't conceded a goal in the process in Lima at the 2019 Para Pan American Games. In the highlight of the day Brazil beat Argentina 2-0, both goals scored by César Batista de Aguiar. USA beat Venezuela 6-0 earlier on Sunday, after leading just 1-0 at half time. Colombia got their first win of the competition, they won 12-0 against hosts Peru.

Brazil just stay on top in hard fought match

Argentina and Brazil made the third match of the day a very interesting one, with lots of emotion. This match being the replay of the 2018 Americas Championships final (which Brazil won 4-2), both teams had a lot riding on this one. For Argentina revenge was all they could think of, Brazil wanted to maintain their leading role as world number 3. 

César Batista de Aguiar was the celebrated man for Brazil, scoring a goal before and after the break. Argentina gave it their all, but to no avail. Brazil now lead the Round Robin group with 2 wins, having scored 12 goals and non against.

USA do it in the second half of the match

Venezuela are 16th in the world ranking, USA fourth. But this wasn't obvious in the first half, both teams were very close. Just one goal by Cameron DeLillo seperated the two. In the second half the defence of Venezuela was worn down by the fast football of team USA. DeLillo scored another three goals, Bremer and Mayhugh made it 6-0.

USA are second in the chart with two wins to their name, 11 goals scored in the process. They haven't conceded a goal up until now.

Colombia show little mercy for hosts Peru

The hopes of hosts Peru were almost immediately crushed in the second match of the Lima 2019 Para Pan American Games. Within een few minutes of play the score was 3-0. Colombia concluded the first half with an 8-0 scoreline.

The emphasis for Peru was on getting a goal, which they almost got in the second half. Cheered on by an amazing home crowd the team in red and white did put the ball against the net, but a foul was already whistled. Colombia substitute Garcia put the final score on the board: 12-0.