2020 and 2021 Competition Programmes

2020 and 2021 Competition Programmes


As the global epidemic continues to affect us all in many different ways; we may not be in the same boat or even experiencing the same journey, but we are all faced by challenges from the same storm. 

It is important to look ahead and see beyond to a new day when we shall all emerge in our own way. At this challenging time, we send you positive thoughts and a hug from the entire CP Football family.


2020 Competitions

On Wednesday 6th May 2020, the International Federation of CP Football held our monthly Board Meeting with its key focus on the current COVID-19 situation and impact on the 2020 competition programme.


The IFCPF Board discussed at length the ability of the CP Football family to deliver and participate in our 2020 competitions if postponed until the latter part of the year.


Football is a powerful tool to bring people together and certainly something which will unite us all following the current worldwide epidemic. However, it is felt at this time that, with the current medical emergency, football should take a back seat to more pressing matters. The pressures placed on individuals, families, clubs, organisations and countries are enormous and members should be allowed the right amount of time to settle before we start preparing for international football competition.


It was also felt by the Board that the situation in every country is different and it will be difficult to set new dates which will give equal and fair recovery time from the pandemic in preparation for the competitions if held in 2020. Guidance from the IFCPF Medical Committee also indicated that all countries should have a minimum 3 to 4 month preparation time leading up to competitions.


The IFCPF Board have therefore decided to cancel all international CP Football competition for national teams in 2020, and concentrate our time and resources on delivering a great competition programme in 2021.


CP Football (Male)

Nations competitions
The postponed 2020 Nations Cup (m) and Nations Championships (m) will take place in 2021, in place of the previously scheduled regional championships.


IFCPF do not intend to move the entire 4 year competition cycle as we wish to maintain a clear and robust competition programme which was established following member consultation in 2019.


CP Football (Female)

World Cup

The 2020 World Cup (f) will take place in 2021, with the remaining competition cycle to be decided.


IFCPF Champions League

The inaugural IFCPF Champions League due to take place in June 2020 is still under review as to whether this can take place in late 2020. Teams currently entered for the 2020 competition will be contacted by the LOC to investigate whether a date in early December may still be feasible.


Introduced as an annual competition and commitment to the development of international club football, this event will remain part of our competition programme moving forwards in 2021.


Member Consultation

The IFCPF Board and Management Team are now seeking feedback from our members as to the current position of your organisations, support you feel IFCPF can offer and viability of competing in 2021 events and beyond. We would appreciate thoughts from the perspective of organisational leaders, team staff and athletes to give a holistic view and support rounded decision-making by IFCPF.



We shall be working to develop a campaign under the heading ‘#202One’. As competitions will not take place in 2020 and we now look ahead to 2021, we look to bring together the entire CP Football family as ‘one’.  This campaign will aim to honour our united game and our support for one another in challenging times.


We appreciate the support and understanding of the entire CP Football family during this challenging time for us all.