2017 IFCPF World Champions - Ukraine

2017 IFCPF World Champions - Ukraine


The 2017 IFCPF CP Football World Championships finished on Saturday 23rd September 2017, with Ukraine beating Iran 1-0 in the final to take the gold medal.


Final Standings
Gold Medal Ukraine
Silver Medal Iran
Bronze Medal Russia
4th England
5th USA
6th Ireland
7th Brazil
8th Netherlands
9th Argentina
10th Australia
11th Northern Ireland
12th Portugal
13th Canada
14th Venezuela
15th Spain
16th Japan

Our CP Football athletes from 16 countries and 5 continents, put on a fantastic football show for the world to see. Live streamed across the globe, this World Championships had one of the biggest following through websites, social media and watched live in homes of many countries.


In addition, this world championships began with CP Football workshops in the region earlier this year delivered in Brazil, the Carribean and Nicaragua, through our partnership with the Americas Paralympic Commitee, to develop CP Football participation and a lasting legacy. Furthermore, this tournament has seen many of our experienced countries reach new levels, particularly England and the USA, who both have made great improrvments since 2015.


IFCPF would like to extend our grattitude to every country, team and individual who has supported this 2017 IFCPF World Championships to make it a great success.

It takes a CP Football family to make this the beautiful sport that we all know and love! Thank you!!