#Vejen2016: Day 7 - 9-13, 5-8 and Semi-Finals

#Vejen2016: Day 7 - 9-13, 5-8 and Semi-Finals


A fair draw for both

It was a very fair draw for both teams which are leading the competition for the 9th place. 

Two completely different styles competed today for the most probable 9th place.  But Germany were in front in the 27' thanks to Marco Geilser. Spain tried to get the draw during the first half but some good saves from Rene Heine avoided their chances to put the draw on the score board. 

The second half started with some Spanish control, finishing with their first and only goal in the 37' through Noe Adell who also played an excellent match in the Spanish defense. Both teams tried until the end to get the victory but neither of them were able to score again in most of cases because of the good job from the goal keepers. 

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Finland gets the draw

Football use to punish severly the mistakes. 

Finland team started socring the first match goal at minute 7 thanks to Janne Helander, but quickly in less than 7 minutes later South Korean player Beomjun Choi scored two goals and putted in advance the Korean squad. 

After this South Korea kept bringuing danger to the finish goal but sometimes the good performance from Jaakko Seppalla and some others because of their own mistakes they never reached to close the match.

In the 50' Wiljami Laurila scored the draw for Finland in their only opportunity during the second half. 

Both teams will keep fighting to avoid the last two positions in the tournament.

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Another unlucky day for Canada

Both teams competed hardly during the whole match but after a new couple of goals from Samuel Charron, Northern ireland get the draw at the 50' thanks to Conor Lewsley who also will be the match heroe scoring the third and defenitive goal at the end of over time second half. 

Both teams have good cances to win the match but sometimes luck is capricious.

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A very well worked Aussie victory

A very well positioned Australian team never give a chance to the Japanese team that treid it in every way.
1st goal from David Barber throw, almost an own goal but referee awarded it to Ryan Kinner, 

Australia controled the posession for majority of game. Odd chance from both sites. 

Extremy good defended Japan nº 10 Temma Inoue kept out of the game by close marking. 

Australia will now compete for the 5th place against Northern Ireland and Japan will challenge Canada for 7th

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Scotland in the final

Scotland in first half superior to Venezuela. The coach of Venezuela estimated that his team hardly could win the match against the strong Scotish team. He decided saving his four players with a yellow and played with a total different line up to the yesterday's Canada game. The first goal was a phenomenal strike by Ian Paton one of the most strongest players in the Scotland squad. The score developed easily to the half time result of 5 - 0. In the second half also Scotland saved their legs for theupcoming final on Saturday. Another goals was scored. by substitute Keiran Martin. Final score 6 - 0.

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