#Vejen2016: Day 8 - Round Robin

#Vejen2016: Day 8 - Round Robin


Spain keep on fighting for the 9th position

An early goal in a confusing play gave the first advantage to the Spaniards. But after this the games was absolutelly controled by the Danish team although they never bring to much danger to the Spanish area. 

At the second half something changed in the spanish squad and the fruit of this was the second goal from the Spanish Captain.

Now Spain will keep on fighting for the 9th place in their last match against Finland. 

Denmark brings us probably some of the goods vibrations during the games thanks to their supporters and also from their young players. They all have a great future in CP Football.

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Surprising draw

First half was absolutely under German players control. 

Phillip Freudinger scored the 1st German goal in the 25' and also the second one in the 33' but unlucky when the match was properly closed South Korea scored his first goal thanks to (again) an own goal from Phillip. 
Then the match gets crazy and 11 minutes after his entry in the match Haechelo Park scored the second goal for South Korea in the 51'. 

This result will award Spain with the 9th place if they are able to beat Finland tomorow. But Finland is also competing for the 12th position against korea. 

Lets join us tomorrow.

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