#Vejen2016: Day 5 - Round Robin begins for 9th to 13th

#Vejen2016: Day 5 - Round Robin begins for 9th to 13th


Wonder goals all round

From their performances in the group stages, this match was going to be very interesting. A young german side taking on a more experienced host nation, but the game did not disappoint.

The game began with end to end football; the deadlock being broken at 14 mins with the first of 4 goals from Conny Fritsch the german captain, including a couple of long range wonder goals. Robin Meyer and Marco Geisler also contributed a goal each to the tally, and most would have expected the game to be over.

Oliver Larsen, starting the game as a substitute, scored a brilliant goal in the 53rd minute to the surprise of all watching. The german captain was quick to reply with another goal.

Denmark were not disheartened, and continued to battle until the end, with Emil Møler and danish captain Peter Hansen both scoring in the final minutes to give a final score of 6-3.

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Easy victory for Spain

An early goal from Spanish striker Aitor Ariño destroyed the South Korean strategy. South korea had no time to strike back when received the second goal again from Aitor Ariño who signed a hat trick. 

The rest of the match was absolutely controled by the Spanish team who gets a clear 4-0 but a very well worked victory.

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