#Vejen2016: Day 4 - Final games of the group stage

#Vejen2016: Day 4 - Final games of the group stage


Denmark on top in Scandinavian battle

The Scandinanvian clash between Denmark and Finland resulted in a 2 - 1 victory for Denmark. An important win for Denmark because the result will carry over in the next stage of the tournament.

In the first half both teams had a lot of scoring opportunities, Denmark with more possession of the ball and Finland with a copple of strong shots saved by the goalkeeper. Both teams were unlucky by each hitting the bar once. The Half time result 0 - 0.

In the second half Denmark played in Finland's half and score the opening goal by captain Peter Hansen. Finland used their only opportunity to score the equelizer with a goal in the top corner by number 9 Janne Helander. With a perfect outside foot shot Martin Wolf, Denmark took the lead again. Denmark hit the bar one more time and deserved finally the win.

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Canada leads group D

Canada easily beat Japan, although the japanese team had a very well organized defence. 

Japan was defending quite well until a single play from Liam Stanley. Once the can was open, the Canadian captain scored two immediate and nice goals, one of them from a nice free kick which ends close to the crossbar. The first half closed with a final 3-0 for Canada. 

At the second half nothing changed and the reds kept the control of the ball and also the opportunitties. Samuel Charron on his way to be one of the tournaments top scorer signed two more goals and late on Vito Proietti closed the scorer with the final 7-0.

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Northern Ireland played with courage

In the final group match between Iran and Northern Ireland the Asian team showed why they were the bronze medallist in the last Paralympic Games in London. However the Northern Ireland team played with courage and had already within 10 seconds a great chance to open the score.

The Northern Iraland players never gave up and scored two fantastic goals. However after a red card for their goalkeeper, the score extended from 4 - 2 in a few minutes to the final score 8 - 2.
Iran is the winner of group C and will face the runner up of group A, the team of Australia.  

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The draw gives the lead to Portugal

Portugal achieves the first position in Group B thanks to the draw versus Venezuela. The match was very competitive and both teams had good chances to win but in general the final score shows perfectly the equality between the lusitanian (Portugal) and the red wine (Venezuela) national team.

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Scotland leads a challenging group

t was supposed to be a challenging match and so it was. Scotland kept control of the ball in the first part of the match and in minute 9 Blair Mcgregor scored a wonderful goal from outside of the area. But the aussies kept on pushing and trying to have their options in some counter attacks but they never pushed enough. 

In the second half scotish control came back and after some good chances Kyle Hannin put the second goal in for Scotland in the 44'.  

Australia missed some options to score and the referee just whistled the end with the final 0-2 which gives Scotland the first place of group A and also the passport for Argentina World Championships in 2017

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