The participating girls were so happy

The participating girls were so happy


“The participating girls were so happy! The parents came to me with tears in their eyes about the opportunities for their children.” – Gabriëlla.


On Sunday 30th September, the first ever Female CP Football training session took place in the Netherlands as a continuation of their fantastic experience at the IFCPF Development Camp & Competition at the recent CP World Games.


IFCPF Female CP Football Development Camp & Competition

The first ever IFCPF Female CP Football Development Camp & Competition in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain from 8-11 August 2018 was an amazing experience for staff and players! The four days of training and competition were filled with challenging technical exercises, tactical sessions and inspiring workshops. Also the first ever Female CP Football international match was played between a mix of the Japanese, Dutch and Catalan girls! The Camp was also an inspiring event for the IFCPF Female CP Football Development Group, who will continue to give strategic advice to IFCPF on the international development of Female CP Football.


Luzdary (25 years old, the Netherlands): “You could see that everyone, including myself, was having so much fun during the camp. Everyone really tried their best and that is important. Also the staff members were so enthusiastic! We communicated with each other in different languages, what helped a lot to create a safe and fun atmosphere. We would love to have another international Female CP Football Development Camp next year. I am already excited to participate again!”


Charlien (18 years old, the Netherlands): “I loved to meet the other ladies. I had a great time, despite that I could not always understand what everyone was saying. We could easily play football together, although we had never met before. It just clicked! I hope I can participate again next time!”


Susana (26 years old, Catalonia): “For me the camp was amazing, because the girls can now play together just like the boys can. It was the perfect start for Female CP Football and I hope that the others will be at the camp again next year. I think CP Football can still grow a lot!”


“It was an event to never forget! We started this adventure with the three of us early in the morning in Rotterdam and said goodbye with tears to our friends for life. Participants, caretakers, officals and volunteers…everyone had a unique contribution to the energy during this camp! We are very grateful for the support of the people in our social environment and we would love to cherish the friendships and ideas.” – Gabriëlla.


Female CP Football in the Netherlands

Are you a woman with passion for sports and football? Do you have cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury? Do you like a challenge and would you like to be part of this adventure? Get in contact and be part of this amazing international Female CP Football movement! 


Next month on the 28th of October the next training session will take place with even more girls involved.