CP Football a step closer to inclusion in Paris 2024

CP Football a step closer to inclusion in Paris 2024


We are delighted that at the recent IPC Governing Board meeting in Madrid, the Board confirmed that the sport of CP Football is compliant with the core criteria for Games inclusion and therefore will be considered for inclusion in the Paris 2024 sport programme. Feedback included recognition of IFCPF’s good work in building a strong and sustainable Para sport.


Further details on the process can be found here


Next Steps

IFCPF will provide further information to support the decison making process and provide further context to the ongoing developments in CP Football.


The IPC Governing Board will meet from 25th-27th January 2019 to confirm the final Paris 2024 sport programme.


IFCPF would again like to thank our membership, advisory panel and volunteers/staff who have all played a vital part in successfully presenting the sport of CP Football as a deserved Paralympic sport, to this stage. Together we shall ensure that CP Football stands the best possible chance of returning to the programme.