Tell us your CP Football story!

Tell us your CP Football story!


Our Youth Ambassador Bryan Kilpatrick Elliott tells his story about getting started in CP Football. We are very much interested in how you have begun your own story of CP Football! Please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using @IFCPF and #CPFootball.

Did you perhaps also start at a regular football club, the way Bryan did with the Fishlake Falcons? Have you searched YouTube for videos of CP Football? Did you also approach someone that could help you get into CP Football?

As Bryan explains in the video below, he asked his dad if he could get in contact with Jack Rutter, a former player of the Engeland's senior CP Football team. Bryan was helped a lot by Jack and other members of the England squad.

In his next video Bryan will interview Jack. That's something to look forward to for next month!

Bryan would also love to answer your questions, you can reach him on Twitter (@bryanjunior2006).