Americas #YouthAmbassador Getulio Felipe inspiring the world

Americas #YouthAmbassador Getulio Felipe inspiring the world


He's only fourteen years old, but has accomplished things most adults can only dream of. Getulio Felipe has hosted his own radio show, has made numerous tv appearances, speaks at TED Talks and meets his favourite football players all over the world. But maybe the most important thing he has realised for himself: he can walk because of football. He can exercise, play all kinds of sports. He's happy, confident, he helps where-ever he can. And with his contagous enthusiasm he can inspire the world. We are very proud to call Getulinho our Youth Ambassador for the Americas.

Living in Porto Alegre, Brazil he started playing football when he was four years old. His father built him a goal in the garden and they started playing. First a bit hesitant to dive to balls, later giving it his all when encouraged by his father. It gave him the confidence to walk and develop all kinds of skills in different sports.

Getulio introduces himself in the video below. For keeping up with his efforts, follow our social media to see what he's up to. Links to his accounts are underneath the video.

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