Results of the third day

Results of the third day


Great win for Argentina

Argentina entered the pitch to face the brave team of Venezuela, which had won its first two matches, but found no difficulty to easilly score three goals in the first half, finishing it 3-0. In the second half, the Argentinians tried to score more goals, but Venezuela defended very well. At the 43rd minute, #7 Matias Fernandez scored the fourth goal. Final score: Argentina 4-0.

First victory of the home team

Chile and Canada entered the pitch with two defeats in their first matches. One more time supported by its fans, Chile started trying to put some pressure, but it was Canada's #12 Silvio Butnaru who got to score first, at the 3rd minute. The Chileans did not give up and carried on trying to tie the match, but unsuccesfully in the first half. The two substitutions in the halftime made Chile play much better, increasing the pressure since the very beginning of the second half. And got the tie at the 39th minute, by #10 Bastian Velasquez. The Canadians could not prevent the home team to score the second goal, by #2 Cristian Del Pino, at the 52nd minute, for the joy of the fans present at the stadium. Final score: Chile 2-1.

Important win for Brazil

USA and Brazil finished the round with a very interesting match. The Americans made a very strong defense against the Brazilians, trying to explore the counter-attacks. With more ball possession and patience, Brazil finally scored its first goal at the very end of the first half, by #10 Cesar Aguiar. In the very beginning of the second Brazil score its second goal, by #11 Matheus Cardoso, making things more difficult for the USA. The Brazilians kept controlling the match. In the last minutes, the Americans tried hard to score at least one goal, but the goalkeeper #1 Moacir Matos made two very nices saves, what helped to keep the score up to the end. Third consecutive win for Brazil.