Referee course for Santiago 2023

Referee course for Santiago 2023


Recently, officiating manager Dr Skye Arthur-Banning (CAN) and International Referee Dario Rojas Martinez (ARG) delivered a referee training course in Chile to support the Santiago 2023 LOC.


The LOC invited IFCPF to host a two-day referee course in advance of the 2022 Chile National CP Football Championship and ultimately, in preparation for the 2023 Parapan American Game in Santiago, Chile.


The LOC want to be assured that the referees are prepared and professional for the Games.


During the course, Skye and Dario trained 26 local referees. The referees were involved as professional referees, referees in training and some students of physical education, kinesiology, or physical therapy. This was a nice mixture of people to create a good training environment of experienced and less experienced officials which can support a mentor atmosphere after the course had completed. 


The two days of training consisted of a multifaceted approach to learning and match preparation including: 

  • A fitness test
  • Field sessions
  • Video testing
  • IFCPF Modifications to the Laws of the Game 
  • CP football Specific video analysis


The referees then really used the CP Football National Championships as a practical opportunity to apply what they had learned in the course while receiving immediate feedback on match performance with Skye and Dario. Although 5 referees were appointed to each match, all of the officials were watching the games and upon completion of the match, the group would then sit and debrief each match together, highlighting positives and reflecting on how to improve. 


Skye and Dario can look back at a good course, where more people have learned about the beauty of refereeing the CP Football game. We would like to thank the LOC for inviting us and we are happy that they are preparing the organisation for the Games in 2023. Dr. Arthur-Banning stated, “it is always such an honour to represent IFCPF in any capacity but particularly to train 26 new officials to love and appreciate the CP football game we all work so hard to showcase, it was special.” We are proud that Skye and Dario could deliver a good course and look forward to returning in one year to support the 2023 ParaPan American Games in Santiago!   


If you are hosting a tournament in the future? And do you also want a course about officiating, classification, or something else? Please do not hesitate to contact true and we can see what we can do for each other.