Lima 2019 draw gives CP Football fans much to look forward to

Lima 2019 draw gives CP Football fans much to look forward to


An opening match between the world number 2 Brazil and hosts Peru is just the first of seventeen matches to look forward to at the 2019 Lima Para Pan American Games. The six countries participating, next to Peru and Brazil are Venezuela, Argentina, USA and Colombia. The CP Football tournament will run from August 24 till 31 in Peru's capital Lima.

The draw was held on May 17th in Lima, streamed live across the globe on Facebook. The six teams participating were drawn into a single round robin, meaning they all will play each other once before the top two teams will meet in the final, playing for the gold. The teams that finish third and fourth in the pool will play for bronze.

The tournament promises to have high level of play. The top five teams that played in the 2018 Americas Championships are present. Check below how the teams qualified for Lima 2019 and what their spot on the world ranking is.

Country Criteria for qualification World ranking
Brazil 2017 World Championships, 7th place 2
United States 2017 World Championships, 5th place 4
Argentina 2018 Americas Championships, 2nd place 5
Venezuela 2018 Americas Championships, 4th place 12
Colombia 2018 Americas Championships, 5th place 26
Peru Hosts 42