Creating a united game through the support of UEFA

Creating a united game through the support of UEFA


The International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) continues to be a key partner of the UEFA Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) programme, highlighting the achievements of CP Football in developing and delivering opportunities for all players with CP and related neurological conditions to play football.

IFCPF is delighted that we continue to work closely with UEFA, and all the partners of the FSR programme, to create a more inclusive game and football for all. A partnership built over a number of years, we continue to nurture and explore how we can further develop the synergies of our work. UEFA care about football, and we activate this partnership through a number of different initiatives and events.

UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report 2017/18

“While the IFCPF is working to develop CP Football participation, there are still many more countries, communities and individuals yet to be touched by CP Football. Our partnership with UEFA demonstrates the amazing potential offered by the football community’s engagement, and how it opens up new opportunities for developing football for disabled people.”

Sam Turner, CEO / Secretary General of IFCPF

The UEFA FSR Report 2017/18 is the first of the 2017–21 UEFA football and social responsibility cycle. In addition to covering the 2017/18 season, this report reviews the progress made during the whole six-year period from 2012 to 2018, as well as focusing on good practices relating to UEFA’s social responsibility objectives and projects with national associations and key partners.


The FSR unit has also added new strategic topics to its portfolio this season: human rights, child protection and football for refugees. These new topics are the result of a 2017 strategy review that, following extensive stakeholder consultation, highlighted the increasing relevance of these topics in European football. They also reflect UEFA’s ability to adapt to a changing social, economic, and environmental landscape.


The UEFA FSR Report 2017/18 can be downloaded here

UEFA FSR Partners meeting, Budapest 17-18 May 2019

Every year, UEFA bring together the partners of the Football and Social Responsibility programme to coordinate the reporting of the UEFA FSR Report, but also to further enhance the working relationship with UEFA and between each of the partners.


The meeting included presentations and workshops on the following key areas.

  • UEFA FSR Report
  • Football’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Child safeguarding in football
  • How to involve more women and girls in football activities
  • Working with national associations
  • Communications, including #EqualGame
  • Working with UEFA football ambassadors
  • Making activities and events more environmentally sustainable
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 2019

UEFA Champions Festival at the Madrid 2019 UEFA Champions League Final

IFCPF have once again been invited to be part of the UEFA Champions Festival, which will run from Thursday 30 May until Sunday 2 June in central Madrid.The festival is free to attend and will be the place for entertainment in the days around the final – including the UEFA Ultimate Champions Tournament featuring a host of UEFA Champions League greats; plus freestylers, autograph signing sessions, bands, DJs and the chance to have your photo taken with the trophy. Find out more here


Working in partnership with our Spanish member and 2019 IFCPF World Cup Local Organising Committee, the Federación Española de Desportes de Personas con Parálisis Cerebral y Daño Cerebral Adquirido (FEDPC), we will be showcasing the sport of CP Football and celebrating the ability of our players.


The regional federation of Rayo Vallecano Genuine will organise a match between their CP Football team and a team of other disabilities to show the spectators the incredible abilities of their players. After the match, they will interact with spectators by playing some games, especially with kids, to build their awareness and understanding of the challenges our players face daily. This opportunity will celebrate the ability of CP Football players, giving them the chance to play at this prestigious event and in front of huge crowds of football fans.