Jara is our new Female Ambassador for Europe


Let us introduce to you our Female Ambassador for Europe: Jara Brokking. Jara is twelve years old and she's from the Netherlands. She loves playing a team sport, so CP Football is for her the best option, because she loves to play the game. She's a big Ajax-fan. Her dream is to be in the Paralympics in the future and she really enjoys playing football together with other girls on the pitch.


Jara attended the IFCPF CP Football Camp (female) in Zeist, the Netherlands, where she enjoyed three days of playing football surrounded by other girls from across Europe and the world. We spoke to her there and she was really excited to be our Youth Ambassador (female) for Europe. Maybe Jara will inspire you to get involved in CP Football, watch her introduction video.

We'll be catching up with Jara from time to time to find out more about her CP Football journey, but you can find out more about CP Football (female) here. Share your own CP Football journey with us on social media and tag @ifcpf and use #CPFootball.