Ireland claim 9th place, hosts Spain 15th

Ireland claim 9th place, hosts Spain 15th


The match for 9th place opened spectacularly with two goals in the first two minutes. It set the tone for what would become a 10-goal-match. Ireland being the team that ended up on top. In the other matches played on Thursday Australia, Japan and Spain made the most of their last matches of the tournament. They finished the 2019 IFCPF World Cup on 11th, 13th and 15th place respectively.

The match for positions 9 and 10 started with two goals in the first two minutes. Ireland opended and Germany immediately scored the equalizer. Germany took the lead with 2-1, but Dillon Sheridan still provided a comfortable lead before the break. Halftime score 2-4. After the break, the lead was extended to 3 goals before Germany did something back. The Germans who never gave up were finally beaten with 3-7.

Pararoos end up 11th

Two physically very strong teams battled for position 11 in the World Cup. First half finished tied at 2-2 but at the second half the Aussies were clearly better and although Canada tried to balance again the score their forces were not enough. At the end a victory for the Australians that get a final 11th position while Canada finish 12th.

Japan 13th, Spain 15th

The Asian clash between Thailand and Japan for positions 13 and 14 was an interesting match. The first goal of Japan was a mistake of the goalkeeper of Thailand. Before half time Japan scored also the 0-2. After the break Thailand scored the 1-2 and pressed Japan in defence. However with a counter attack Japan scored the 1-3. Again the Thai team came back in the game 2-3 but was not able to score the equalizer. Final ranking Japan 13th and Thailand 14th.

In the final match of the competition for both teams Spain overwhelmed Finland. In the first half Spain number 14 scored a hatrick, 3 goals in one half. Half time result 0 - 3.In the second half Spain scored 6 more goals and the final result was 0-9.

Spain achieved the 15th position and had as home country certainly more expectations from the tournament. Finland invited, because one of the qualified countries withdrawal from the event, certainly had a good learning experience and looking forward to develop CP Football more in their country.