IFCPF Event Map - A Resource for You

IFCPF Event Map - A Resource for You


It's now easier than ever to share your CP Football programmes and events, where you can find them using the IFCPF Event Map available on our website.



This interactive event map allows anyone to see where CP Football events and activities are taking place across the globe, making it easier for people who are interested to play or support CP football to find an event near them.

Everything from IFCPF's Nations Cup and World Cup, through to develop camps and festivals will be shared here to showcase the worldwide reach of CP Football and the fantastic activities of our dedicated and diverse member organisations.

Communications team  by Region

Communications Manager - Amy White

Africa – Dennis Kweku Moore

Americas (South) - Paula Veiga

Americas (North) – Ashley Hammond

Asia Oceania (West) – Riadh Zammali

Asia Oceania (South East) – Sharon Wong

Europe – Currently vacant

You can submit your event to IFCPF by contacting our Communications team, sending an email to communications@ifcpf.com