IFCPF Board Meeting in Amsterdam

IFCPF Board Meeting in Amsterdam


The IFCPF Board had a face-to-face meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 17 – 19 November 2017.  It was a very fruitful meeting as the Members at Large from the European, African and Asia-Oceania regions were able to attend and update the Board on developments and challenges in their regions.

Important agenda points that were discussed included IFCPF Governance, General Assembly in 2018, Membership, Finances , Tournament calendar 2018 – 2022 as well as Development in the different regions.


The most important point on the agenda for the meeting was the 2024 Paralympic Games.  IFCPF has received the first information regarding the application process from the International Paralympic Committee.  The documents and deadlines were discussed in depth by the board members.  More information will be sent to our members as soon as possible.


IFCPF's Governance Framework was discussed by Board members in regards to our policies and procedures, as it plays an important role in establishing and maintaining a successful federation.  Certain tasks were allocated to Board members and the deadline to have all the necessary documents in place has been determined as 1 June 2018.

According to IFCPF Statutes the next General Assembly will be in 2018.  The IFCPF Board has decided to deviate from tradition and next year the General Assembly will be organised by the IFCPF Board, and not by a member of the federation.  The General Assembly and workshops will be held from 8 – 13 November 2018 in The Netherlands and we ask you to save the date in your calendars and include attendance of this important meeting in your budget for 2018.


IFCPF currently has 43 members – 9 new members from the African, Asian-Oceania and Americas region joined the federation in 2017.  It will be a focus area in 2018 to also include countries where CP Football is played but who are not yet members of IFCPF.

As always, development of CP Football globally will be one of the federation’s main goals in 2018 and beyond.  Workshops are already planned in Jordan and Ecuador. 

The tournament calendar for the period 2018 – 2019 was discussed. Detailed information is available at www.ifcpf.com/calendar.


One of the main goals of the Board in 2018 will be to have more contact with our members.  A strategy to accomplish this will be implemented in 2018.

Members can look forward to direct contact with the Members at Large in their regions early in the new year through Webex meetings. More news stories will be shared with our members, and you are also invited to send information about tournaments and achievements in your country to Alice Holland at aholland@ifcpf.com.

The Board has Webex meetings on the first Wednesday of every month and members are invited to send any comments, concerns, suggestions or queries regarding your region or in general to aholland@ifcpf.com before those dates for the attention of the Board members.


A huge amount was work was put into a very short period, but the IFCPF Board is satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and looking forward to strengthening our federation to the benefit of all in future.