How to follow the 2024 IFCPF Men's World Championships

How to follow the 2024 IFCPF Men's World Championships


With the 2024 IFCPF World Championships only days away, here are some of the ways to follow the tournament in Salou:


  • YouTube: All games will be streamed live on IFCPF's YouTube channel, with live commentary in English!


  • Instagram and X: Follow @ifcpf and @fecpc to keep updated with fixtures and results, use #IFCPFWorldChamps to join the conversation!


  • IFCPF website: Visit to see tournament photos, visit the match centre for each match, and check the table and schedule!


  • The schedule for the tournament is as follows:


    11 April: Chile (A1) v Italy (A2) (9:30am)
    11 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v Scotland (A4) (12pm)
    12 April: Italy (A2) v Northern Ireland (A3) (9:30am) 
    12 April: Scotland (A4) v South Korea (A5) (12pm)
    13 April: Chile (A1) v Scotland (A4) (9:30am)
    13 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v South Korea (A5) (12pm) 
    14 April: Rest day (no matches)
    15 April: Chile (A1) v South Korea (A5) (9:30am)
    15 April: Italy (A2) v Scotland (A4) (12pm)
    16 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v Chile (A1) (9:30am)
    16 April: South Korea (A5) v Italy (A2) (12pm)
    18 April: 3rd Place Playoff (3rd v 4th) (9:30am)
    18 April: Final (1st v 2nd) (12:30pm)