2024 Men's World Championships Draw Results

2024 Men's World Championships Draw Results


The 2024 IFCPF Men's World Championships draw was conducted today, and the schedule for the tournament has been determined.


The results of the draw are as follows:

Chile (A1)

Italy (A2)

Northern Ireland (A3)

Scotland (A4)

South Korea (A5)




Every match day will have two games, with games kicking off at 9:30am and 12 noon in Salou respectively. All games will be streamed live to IFCPF's YouTube channel.


Each team will play each other once, with the top two teams after the group stage qualifying for the IFCPF Men's World Championships Final, with the 3rd and 4th-placed teams qualifying for the right to play for third place.


The schedule for the tournament is as follows:


11 April: Chile (A1) v Italy (A2) (9:30am)
11 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v Scotland (A4) (12pm)
12 April: Italy (A2) v Northern Ireland (A3) (9:30am) 
12 April: Scotland (A4) v South Korea (A5) (12pm)
13 April: Chile (A1) v Scotland (A4) (9:30am)
13 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v South Korea (A5) (12pm) 
14 April: Rest day (no matches)
15 April: Chile (A1) v South Korea (A5) (9:30am)
15 April: Italy (A2) v Scotland (A4) (12pm)
16 April: Northern Ireland (A3) v Chile (A1) (9:30am)
16 April: South Korea (A5) v Italy (A2) (12pm)
18 April: 3rd Place Playoff (3rd v 4th) (9:30am)
18 April: Final (1st v 2nd) (12:30pm)