Argentina open big on first day of World Cup in Seville

Argentina open big on first day of World Cup in Seville


Hosts Spain have not been able to highlight the start of the 2019 IFCPF World Cup in their own country. Against world nr. 5 Argentina the Spanish team suffered a 7-0 defeat. The top level tournament kicked off earlier on Saturday with the opening ceremony, in which the teams were presented to the fans that gathered in the stadium of the Ramon Cisneros venue of Seville Football Club. 

Argentina, runners-up of the 2018 Americas Championships, pressured Spain from the get go. With already some chances at scoring in the openings minutes, the South-Americans made their ambition known. It took just over seven minutes for them to score the first goal, immediately followed by the second a minute later. It was Matiaz Fernadez and Christian Billordio that got Argentina off the mark.

The match top scorer, captain Mariano Morana doubled the score in the first half to send both team to the dressing rooms with a 4-0 scoreline. In the second half Spain were quick to create some danger, but couldn't shake the Argentinian defence and goalkeeper too much. With Morana and Billordio scoring once more and Fabio Coria finally settling the score at 7-0.


Opening Ceremony

The tournament was officially opened by several representatives of the local counsil, Sevilla Football Club Foundation, FEDPC and IFCPF. Flags were carried into the stadium by the teams, who then aligned to great the fans that came out to support the Spanish team in their first match.