CP Football Courses

Where we have delivered CP Football Workshops

2019 CP Football Workshops
November Algeria
June Mongolia
March Philippines
February Japan
2018 CP Football Workshops
December Bangladesh
October Georgia
May Jordan
May Kyrgyzstan
April Ecuador

December 2018 - Bangladesh

IFCPF, hosted by ARDRID (Association for Research Development and Rights Implementation for Disabilities), and supported by the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), have delivered a workshop with participants from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. More than 35 very enthusiatic coaches, referees and former national players spent three days developing their knowledge and skills to develop CP Football.


Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Bangladesh Sam Turner, Rene Jurrius Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka 35

The first format of football for people with a disability to be introduced and developed in Bangladesh; the introduction of CP Football aims to change the lives of people with a disability for the better and establish regular and local opportunities to play the game.


ARDRID aim to establish a new Bangladesh CP Football Federation in the future as partnership between ARDRID, NPC Bangladesh and the BFF; an explemplary model which brings together the expertise of each organisation.


Course tutors Sam Turner and Rene Jurrius were impressed by the enthusiasm and coaching background of many of the participants, which should stand the country in good stead for the future.

October 2018 - Georgia



IFCPF have delivered a three day CP Football course in Tblisi, Georgia, in which 17 very motivated participants have learned about CP Football and what it means to coach football players with CP. The course was a combined effort of the Georgian Football Federation (GFF) and the National Sport Federation of Children with Disabilities of Georgia.

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Georgia Renรฉ Jurrius, Tom Langen Georgia, Russia, Germany 17

The first day the main learning areas were about CP Football in general and an introduction to classification. The second and third day focused on training design, coaching and development. The Head Coach of the Russian CP Footballl team, Mr Avtandil Baramidze, also attended the workshop to provide support to the course tutors and share his vast experience in CP Football. After three days of hard work, all participants passed the course and received the IFCPF coach education certificate from the grassroots manager of GFF, Mr. George Akhvlediani.


The course was held at the accommodation of GFF, where main organizer Georgi Kenchuashvili organized the course in a very professional way. The Federation will keep providing support to the National Sport Federation of Children with Disabilities of Georgia, through their Social Responsibility Program.

Course tutors René Jurrius and Tom Langen have a very positive feeling about the potential in Georgia, and IFCPF will continue to work with both national organisations for the positive development of CP Football.

May 2018 - Kyrgyzstan



IFCPF conducted  a Coach Education Course in Bishkek in cooperation with the KFF (Kyrgyzstan Football Federation) 

Country Tutors Number of Participants
Kyrgyzstan Renรฉ Jurrius, Tom Langen 23

The accommodation off KFF was the location of the first CP Football coach education in Kyrgyzstan. 23 very motived coaches want to learn more about CP Football and about coaching football players with CP in a three days course. 2 IFCPF certificated females coaches from Kazakhstan joined the course to share their experience from their last year development. The first day the main learning areas were about CP Football in general and classification. The second day focused on training design and coaching. The third day 16 young players with CP were involved in the course. After three days of hard working all participants passed the course and received the IFCPF coach education certificate.  

The main organizer Aigerim organized the course on behalf of KFF in a very professional way and both course instructors René Jurrius and Tom Langen has a very positive feeling about the potential in Kyrgyzstan.



May 2018 - Jordan



IFCPF delivered a CP Football Workshop in partnership with the West Asia Para Federation, and hosted by the Jordan National Paralympic Committee. 27 participants from 5 countries attended the course, and the Jordan National CP Football team took part in the practical activities. Around 20 children from Jordan's youth CP Football section also joined in some of the activities.


The course was delivered by IFCPF Technical Director - Tom Langen and Secretary General - Sam Turner.


Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Jordan Tom Langen, Sam Turner Jordan, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE 27

Through the partnership between the International Federation of CP Football and the West Asia Para Federation, the National Paralympic Committee of Jordan hosted a coach education course to develop coaches, classifiers, officials and other people involved in CP Football.

Open to all member countries of the WAPF, this collective learning opportunity brought together individuals from Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Attendees included those from physical education, National Paralympic Committees and National Football Federations.

A region which previously hosted the Asian Football Confederation’s ‘Dream Asia’ tournament for CP Football; in recent times the number of countries participating in CP Football has been thought to be low. However, it was positive to hear of the great development taking place in Jordan at National Team and youth level, along with Saudi Arabia who have 12 regional teams and have held national championships for at least 5 years.

The IFCPF course tutors saw great positive contributions and enthusiasm from the group, who were all keen to see this beautiful sport grow across the region through a shared vision for the future. Already since the course, Jordan have planned an international event to welcome their neighbours to participate.

It is hoped that examples like this, of countries working together through a collective responsibility to players with cerebral palsy, can inspire more regions to share resources and knowledge to grow the game.


2017 CP Football Workshops
August Nicaragua
May Caribbean
May India
April Kazakhstan
March South Africa
January Brazil



August 2017 - Nicaragua



IFCPF conducted a successful course in Managua, Nicaragua. 20 participants and 8 players with CP participated in the workshop. Paulo Cruz from Brazil and Osvaldo Hernandez were appointed as the IFCPF course instructors.

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Nicaragua Osvaldo Hernandez and Paulo Cruz Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador 20

May 2017 - Caribbean



The newly formed Caribbean CP Football Association, in getting a solid foundation for the sport, undertook the exciting responsibility of hosting the first ever CP Football workshop in the Caribbean.

Read more here

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) Paulo Cruz and Stuart Sharp Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia, Guatemala 8

May 2017 - India



CP Football has been developing over the last 10 years in India, supported by the creation of the 7-a-side CP Football Federation of India and organisation of annual National Championships. The International Federation of CP Football have recognised this hard work and dedication and therefore provided guidance through the delivery of an IFCPF CP Football Workshop.

Read more here

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
India Rene Jurriius and Sam Turner India 62

April 2017 - Kazakhstan



Delivered over three days, 8 participants took part in both theory and practical learning to develop their knowledge and understanding of CP Football. The group included players from professional mens football and former professional and international female players, who are now passionate about supporting others to enjoy the beautiful game.


Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Kazakhstan Marcel Geestman and Sam Turner Kazakhstan 8



March 2017 - South Africa

IFCPF conducted a CP Football workshop alongside SASAPD’s Nedbank National Championships. In total around 23 participants took part in the course, including coaches and physiotherapists. 

In addition, players from a number of teams were involved to support both coaching and classification elements.

South Africa last participated in the Intercontinental Cup (now known as the World Championships) in 2013, but has since only been holding national championships. With a strong national programme, including teams from 7 provinces, the future for the national team is very bright with lots of gifted young players.

National Convenor Lucky Tsatsane has now put in place a development plan, with the idea to participate in World level competitions in the near future. 

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
South Africa Marcel Geestman, Sam Turner South Africa, Namibia 23



January 2017 - Brazil

The International Federation of CP Football supported the international seminar of the Brazilian disability sport organization ANDE. The course was held from March 20 to 25 and was sponsored by the International Paralympic Federation.

Coaches from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago and Ecuador were present for the training course in Rio de Janeiro, in which which was focused on topics for the sports sciences and activities for people with disabilities. 

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Brazil Paulo Cruz, Marcello Sanchez Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago 11



2016 CP Football Workshops
December Malaysia
December Peru
June Colombia
April Kenya



December 2016 - Malaysia



Malaysia - 8th - 10th December 2016

Working in partnership with NPC Malaysia and coordinated with support from the Asian Football Cenfederation, course instructors René Jurrius and Kai Lammert worked with local coaches to develop their knowedge, understanding and skills.

Over two and a half days the coaches learned about how to coach CP football players, the basics in classification, player recruitment, constructing and running a training session and they got given all the tools that are required to run a successful CP football program in Malaysia.

It was very exciting to see that all the Development plans that were constructed within the course are already on their way to be implemented over the next few weeks in the various regions in Malaysia.

The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. The commitment and eagerness to learn from all participants needs to be commanded and most participants would have loved to have a few more days added to the schedule.

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Malaysia Rene Jurrius, Kai Lammert Malaysia 16



December 2016 - Peru



Peru - 7th - 9th December 2016

Supported by NPC Peru, IFCPF delivered a CP Football Workshop in Lima, Peru to a group of physical education teachers and professionals. Delivered by IFCPF Head of Classification Raúl Reina, former Brail National Coach Paulo Cruz and IFCPF Classification Committee member Dr Jorge Parra, the course was a great success.

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Peru Paulo Cruz, Raul Reina and Jorge Parra Peru 9



June 2016 - Colombia

IFCPF conducted a 3 day Coach Education & Classification Course. In total 30 participants took part in the course, including 20 coaches and 10 physiotherapists. Coaches attending the course were ofcourse very interested in the coaching sessions, tactics and training ideas part of the course conducted by the course instructor René Jurrius, while the Physiotherapists were supported by International Classifier Marcello Sanchez to learn more regarding classification. 


Colombia has history with CP Football development but hasn't yet made the step towards international participation. However, they have already developed a regional programme of CP football teams and every year host a National Championships. The next stage is a long term development plan around the national team.


During the three days of the course, working with the participants and the organisation, Federacion Colombiana De Deportistas Con Paralisis Cerebral (FECDE PC) devised a draft development plan to establish a good structure for the national team.


The coaches were inspired and motivated during the course and were able to produce and present good training sessions, including technical and tactical exercises to their fellow coaches. The physiotherapists gained a lot of knowledge regarding classification and we hope that a lot of them will be part of the new IFCPF classification education.


We hope to see and meet Colombia soon in international tournaments.

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Colombia Renรฉ Jurrius, Marcello Sanchez Colombia 30



April 2016 - Kenya



In the very nice and friendly country of Kenya, IFCPF course instructors delivered a 2 day workshop for 17 participants about Coaching and Classification in CP Football. The participants included physiotherapists, coaches, administrators and members of the Kenya National Paralympic Committee.


Also taking part were 10 motivated CP players. With the 10 CP players we could practice classification and training sessions. The course was held at a very nice accommodation “Kenya School Off Monetary Studies”.


The participants did a great, after two days they already recognised most of the classes on the field, and they also delivered good training sessions. We hope and think that Kenya have a good future in CP Football and a good foundation to hopefully soon take part in international tournaments.


The main goal for Kenya is to play in an international tournament in the next two years. Together they are making good plans of how to get there.


Altogether the course in Nairobi (Kenya) was a great success, they have a long way to go but everyone is very motivated to make the right steps.

Rene Jurrius and Paulo Cruz, as Technical Instructors, would like to thank the organisation (Kenia Paralympic Committee) for the very good days with a very fine organisation and a great accommodation.


Also we want to thank the very motivated participants and wish them all the luck and wisdom to start with CP Football in Kenya.

What the participants said:

"Thank you for the people who have made it possible, now we can come with a National team in Kenya."


"The workshop was done well and they should come again. It is a dream come true for us. God bless you dear friends and colleagues."


"It was very informative and an eye opener for me in classification of CP football."


"I would personally give my gratitude for the two very able facilitators, Paulo and Rene, for a job well done. Big thank you to the world body."


"The workshop was the best, I did enjoy the two day experience. Wished it would be for one week. It was fun."


"Very, very knowledgeable. Good presentation. Well illustrated, both in video and verbally, and in  activity."

Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Kenya Paulo Cruz, Rene Jurrius Kenya 27



2015 CP Football Workshops
November Chile
May El Salvador
April Nigeria



17th November 2015 - Santiago de Chile



In a very nice country and beautiful city of Santiago de Chile, IFCPF delivered a 3 day workshop for Classifiers and Coaches. With 20 very motivated participants, the course tutors felt the workshop was a great success and delivered at a high level.


The workshop was divided into two sections, with one part focusing on CP Football classification and the other around the coaching aspects of the game, in particular the areas of designing and delivering training sessions.


Participants quickly developed their knowledge of classification, supported by great insight from tutor Marcelo Sanchez, applying their learning and already being able to identify most classes in the field of play.


Led by Rene Jurrius and Paulo Cruz, course tutors for IFCPF, participants displayed great skills in designing and delivering practical training sessions. In preparing the training sessions, the participants demonstrated their understanding of how to train with the different classes and how to build up a good training session in CP Football.


Our IFCPF course tutors were also really pleased to see the developments with young CP players, with Chile hosting their first tournament for Under 14 players. During the course and in the days following, the Chile Paralympic committee, American Paralympic Committee and Chile Football Association organised an International Tournament with the national teams of Argentina, a 2nd division CP team from Brazil and the national team of Chile. It was a fantastic opportunity in the course to use the matches also for practical education with the participants, giving visual examples. All this together made the week in Chile to a great success.

On behalf of our course tutors, IFCPF would like to thank the organisations involved in making this CP Football workshop possible, and for a very good week with great organisation and accommodation. Chile have a positive future in CP Football and a great foundation to play soon in International tournaments.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Chile Marcello Sanchez, Paulo Cruz, Renรฉ Jurrius Chile 20



5th May 2015 - El Salvador



From 5th to 7th May, IFCPF tutors conducted a Coach Education and Classification Workshop in El Salvador. 39 participants, including 10 CP players and 29 coaches from 5 Central American countries participated in the 3-day course in the national football stadium of the capital city San Salvador.

El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua all participated in the first IFCPF coach education course in Central America.


The main goal of the course was to educate the coaches and players in classification and training opportunities. For all coaches and players, the course was a new experience and the participants received a lot of information regarding classification, the history of CP Football, international tournament schedules, player recruitment and training practice.


IFCPF appointed three experienced course instructors for this workshop: Rene Jurrius, Paulo Cruz (IFCPF Coach Education Tutors) and Marcelo Sanchez (IFCPF International Classifier).


The course was a first introduction to CP Football for the representatives of the countries, who were very enthusiastic and decided to cooperate with each other to develop CP Football in the region and work towards international participation in the future.


The course was organized by the Central America Paralympic committee in cooperation with National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) and the financial support of IFCPF.


Jose Luis Campo – APC’s President said:

“The feedback is very positive, the people of Centro American represented in 5 countries tell me they are thinking of organising a Football Festival in the close future, with the countries of the Region.

In name of the APC, we appreciate and say thanks to the IFCPF for to give this opportunity to the region, of course we will continue working together.”


A lot of praising comments about the workshop have been received. ESA is going to replicate it throughout the country. For the closing event, the President of the football association and the Minister of Sports were present to support them.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
El Salvador Marcello Sanchez, Paulo Cruz, Renรฉ Jurrius El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Hnduras, Nicaragua 29



24th April 2015 - Lagos, Nigeria



From April 24th - 26th IFCPF course instructors gave a Coach Education and Classification Workshop in Lagos (Nigeria), at the National Stadium.

Nigeria is a new member of IFCPF, 67 participants join this IFCPF workshop. Rene Jurrius (Tutor IFCPF) and Dr. Raul Reina (IFCPF Head of Classification) where the tutors who gave the course in Lagos. This 3 days course was really successful and we hope with the knowledge they get, they will be soon show there talent in International Tournaments.

The course was organized, with the support of IFCPF, by the Cerebral Palsy Football Association of Nigeria, in cooperation with The Nigeria Paralympic Committee. The tutors thank the organization their job because they make this course also to as success.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Nigeria Raรบl Reina, Renรฉ Jurrius Nigeria 32



2014 Coach Education Courses
November Wales
October Lithuania
February Brazil
January Japan



19th-20th November 2014 - Newport, Wales



On November 19th and 20th the Football Association of Wales hosted a Cerebral Palsy (CP) Football Technical Development Course. The course took place at the National Football Development Centre in Newport, South Wales and was attended by 24 candidates from Wales, England and the Republic of Ireland. 

Rob Franklin, the Welsh National Disability Football Coordinator, commented:

“hosting the course here in Wales was an important first step for us in the development of a cerebral palsy football programme. Over the coming months and seasons we will develop CP specific clubs, regional performance structures which will lead to the establishment of a national team. The course was extremely informative and enjoyable, a must for any new nation thinking about developing a CP programme.” 

The course was tutored by IFCPF (governing body for CP sport) Football Technical Director Tom Langen, Dutch under 18 CP Head Coach Rene Jurrius and Head of Classification Raul Reina. Course content included information regarding the 7-a-side game, history, tournaments, rules, development, classification and models of best training and coaching practice.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Wales Tom Langen, Renรฉ Jurrius, Raรบl Reina Wales, England, Ireland 20



2014 - Lithuania



Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Lithuania Tom Langen Lithuania 15




6th-8th February 2014 - Salvador, Brazil



The Brazilian Paralympic Committee organized a seminar in Salvador (Brazil) from February 6th – 8th 2014. Part of this event was a CPISRA Coaching Course & Classification Workshop for Football 7-A-Side. The course and workshop were conducted by CPISRA tutor, Reneฬ Jurrius. For the classification part of the course, he was supported by Marcelo Sanchez (Senior International Classifier CPISRA) and by a translator, the famous former Football 7-A-Side Head Coach of Brazil, Paulo Cruz who is also a member of the Football Committee.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Brazil Renรฉ Juries, Paulo Cruz Brazil, Argentina, Chile 20



18th-19th January 2014 - Osaka, Japan



On January 18 – 19 , 2014, Football 7-A-Side coaching and classification workshop was held at the J-Green Sakai  & Dream Camp in Osaka, Japan. 

The workshop was conducted by Chairperson Tom Langen and  Head of Technical Development Stuart Sharp.

Thirty-five participants attended this course. This workshop was a good opportunity for the participants to developed their knowledge and understanding regarding CP football.

A junior player Development Camp and the Challenge Football 7-a-side tournament (development event for Football 7-a-side with the participation of CP-players and high school students)  was organized at the same time.

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Japan Tom Langen, Stuart Sharp Japan 25



2013 CP Football Workshops
November Germany
May Austria
March Sierra Leone



2013 - Germany



Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Germany Tom Langen, Robin Janssen Germany 25



17th-19th May 2013 - Vienna, Austria



A host of nations will fly out to Vienna, Austria on Friday (17 May) as Austria prepares to present a two-and-a-half day workshop as part of its final plans to establish the country's first football 7-a-side team.

The workshop, which is being led by CPISRA’s Tom Langen and the Director of International Sport Development Stuart Sharp, will include representatives from Singapore, Italy, Jordan and Denmark attend the event in Vienna, which is likely to lead to Austria's capital state in hosting the country’s first international tournament at the end of August.

Three teams alongside Austria will feature in the tournament. Singapore and Germany are already penciled in for the event, while Italy are also hoping to take part. 

Austria are also hoping to fly out the Netherlands later in the year for a tournament as they continue to build toward their main objective of competing at the European Championships next year.

Matias Costa, the Austrian 7-a-side football co-ordinator, has been working tirelessly to put together a team.

"This was a project that started back in 2010, Austria had no team,"Costa said.

“The strides that have been taken is fantastic. It has been a very slow process, but we are trying to intensify it and we hope to get classification to eventually play at the 2014 European Championships."

The biggest obstacle Austria faces is the recruitment of players and staff. With no local programmes around for athletes with an impairment, Costa and his team have had to start from scratch to find players through all nine of the Austrian provinces through training camps, contacts, and league matches – efforts that have finally put together a strong team of semi professional and amateur players. 

“In most countries if a (cerebral palsy) player does not make it with an able-bodied team there are programmes for them to be sent to so they can continue playing sport and enjoying what they do. Only until recently, Austria has not had that."

“We have spent a lot of time setting up and going to camps, watching different leagues and another problem has also been identifying the specifics of the CP game so we can form a squad around the classified rules.”

As well as cherry-picking the best playing talent Austria has to offer, Costa has set about finding the best staff to lead the team into future tournaments. 

Team manager Wolfgang Hartweger has hailed Costa’s work in Austria but believes it is time to reach out to all corners of the country to further the sport’s development.

“We are at the beginning of a long journey,” Hartweger said. “A national team should nominate their players from all over Austria. Each province should have a CP team, but at the moment most players come from Vienna. If we want to improve we need more training, more teams in Austria and more matches."

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Austria Tom Langen, Stuart Sharp Austria, Singapore, Italy, Denmark, Jordan 22



2013 - Sierra Leone



The first of two CPISRA Technical Development Workshops, targeting the African Region, was held in Sierra Leone in October. The workshop, which was delivered in partnership with the Sierra Leone FA and the National Paralympic Committee, was attended by 42 participants and hosted at the country’s National Football Stadium. The content focused on coach education, classification and development structures to help those attended to have the appropriate knowledge to build CP football programs in the future.


Mr Unisa Deen Kargbo, who met with the CPISRA football committee members during the 2012 Paralympic Games, was instrumental in bring the course to Sierra Leone. He said upon reflection

”this workshop has been excellent in providing the tools which we need to take the game forward in our country. We will now use this newly gained knowledge to position our athletes into 4 teams to play within a league structure. It is of course our dream to reach the Paralympics one day and now the hard work begins”.


Both the opening and closing ceremonies attached to the course were attended, by several important dignitaries including the country’s Minister of Sport. During the ceremony, which was broadcast on national television, the Minister pledged to support the development of CP football in the country and looked forward to seeing the national team in action for the first time.

Rene Jurrius, one of the CPISRA course tutors said

“I am really pleased with the level of organization and structure being provided to CP football in Sierra Leon . The players here have a great deal of potential and I feel with further development they could go on to represent their country strongly”.


Stuart Sharp, CPISRA’s Head of Technical Control for football was also in attendance and remarked

“I hope that those who have completed this course become agents of change in the country. CP football, and sport in general, for persons with disabilities can provide multiple long term benefits to an individual’s quality of life. I hope that the enthusiasm shown by the course participants can be sustained and new opportunities can now be created for CP football in the country. Following the strengthening of grassroots structures I hope to see Sierra Leone emerge from the African Region and be represented on the world stage”.


As part of a targeted approach to increase the number of counties participating from the African region, CPISRA will return to the continent in December to train a new set of coaches, referees and administrators but this time Tunisia

Video review of the workshop

Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Sierra Leone Renรฉ Jurrus, Stuart Sharp Sierra Leone 24



2012 CP Football Workshops
February Jordan
April Germany



2012 - Jordan



Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Jordan Renรฉ Juries, Stuart Sharp Jordan 20

2012 - Germany



Host Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Germany Tom Langen Germany, Austria 20