Transfer Window: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Transfer Window: Mental Health and Wellbeing


IFCPF is delighted to share with you our next ‘Transfer Window’ webinar which will be about ‘Mental Health & Wellbeing’.

This will take place on Saturday 22nd August13:00 pm -14:00 pm (CEST), for around 60 minutes.


Key Themes

  • Prevalence of mental health issues in persons with CP/disabilities, and impact of the current worldwide epidemic
  • Maintaining positive mental well-being on and off the field of play
  • Importance of mental/psychological aspects in the game and how to optimise performance on the field

Our Speakers

  • Derek Malone - Former Ireland National CP Football Player Former Conditioning Coach at Ajax Cape Town IFCPF Medical Committee member
  • Cecilia Guimaraes Mira y Lopez - Psychologist for the Brazil National CP Football Team IFCPF Medical Committee member
  • Dr Jamie Barker - Lead Sport Psychologist to England National CP Football Team Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University

Live Streaming

The webinar will be live streamed to Workplace for IFCPF Members/Personnel, and also to IFCPF’s Facebook page where it will be available for anyone to watch.

Following the event, the recording will be uploaded to IFCPF’s Action Replay on Youtube.


Question and Answer

IFCPF members attending the webinar via Zoom will be invited to ask any questions directly to the speakers in the question & answer session at the end or via the chat option. For those watching along through Facebook Live, questions can be submitted in the comments on the live stream.