The Final Day with winner BRAZIL!

The Final Day with winner BRAZIL!


Brazil wins gold in a remarkable match

Repeating the final match of the last Paranamerican Games in Lima, Brazil and Argentina entered the pitch for the gold medal. As always, both teams started the match with huge intensity, with some even tough actions. Argentina had already two yellow cards when, at the 10th minute, #7 Ubirajara Magalhaes, one of the best players of Brazil, received a red card. This unexpected situation did not affect the emotional spirit of the Brazilian squad, and even with one player less, made a solid defense giving no chance to the Argentinians, especially the goakeeper #1 Moacir Matos, with many important saves made after kicks performed from long distances. Brazil had some good chances in counter-attacks, and Argentinha could not approach the oponent goalpost. Without any goals, the match went for the extra-time. Argentina suffered two great losses by the injuries of players #5 Carlos Carizzo and #6 Cristian Billordo, what decreased the ball possession and also the power of attack. Brazil, even with one less player, had more chances to score. And got it, by #10 Cesar Aguiar at the 70 + 2nd minute. Argentina tried hard to get the tie, to at least take the decision to the penalty kicks, and lost two clear chances to do it. But unsuccessfully. End of the match, a brave victory of Brazil, and the golden medal again goes for Brazil, with Argentina one more time with the silver medal,

USA beat Venezuela and win the bronze medal

Since the first minute of the match, the USA had the total control of the actions, against the brave team of Venezuela, which tried hard to stop the Americans attacks. And the South Americans was successful, as the first half finished 0-0. But, in the second half, at the minute 35, #14 Shea Hammond got to score the first goal, making things easier for the USA. Venezuela could not react, and suffered two more goals, once again by #14 at the 41st minute, and #2 Francis Lowery Jr, at the 51st minute. Bronze medal to the USA. Venezuela finished 4th.

Chile finished 5th after beating Canada in the extra-time

Chile and Canada entered the pitch for the 5th and 6th places. Supported by almost 2000 people, the home team had the total control of the match since the beginning having, with so many chances, mainly by a great performance of Canadian goalkeeper, #3 Ryan Watson. But the first half finished with no goals.
In the second half, Chile carried on with the same dynamics, and got to score immediately, by #10 Bastian Velasquez, for the excitement of the supporters. But #5 from Canada, Samuel Charron, although injured, got the tie in a personal play, at the 43rd minute, and the score finished 1-1. The extra-time had to be played to determine the winner. And the home team, by its #9 Sebastian Bórquez, got to score in the minute 66th. The Canadians did not have the strength to tie the match. After the result of 2-1, Chile finished the Parapanamerican Games CP Football competition in 5th position. Canada finished 6th