Strategic Direction 2024-2028 ...and beyond

Strategic Direction 2024-2028 ...and beyond


A United Game, Globally Respected

From surviving to thriving...


From creating a new independent International Federation, and missing out on Paralympic Games inclusion, to the COVID-19 pandemic; IFCPF has been working tirelessly to survive during the challenging times since our inception. And while things in the world have changed, we remain constant in our belief that CP Football has the power to change lives for the better and create positive opportunities for persons with disabilities. We have not only survived, but we have achieved a lot in our first eight years and two tournament cycles...


Now, we must take action to change the narrative from surviving, and drive a thriving sport for the future.

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Key themes

  • More Players Playing
  • Teams & Players Progressing
  • Higher Quality Events
  • World Class Officials
  • Stronger Trusted Governance
  • A Globally Renowned Sport
  • Support Which Makes a Difference