Singapore National Stadium to host CP Football in 8th ASEAN Para Games

Singapore National Stadium to host CP Football in 8th ASEAN Para Games


Opened in June 2014, the National Stadium is the crown jewel of Singapore’s prized Sports Hub, a regal complex that is one of the highlights of the local skyline. Once an iconic history-rich destination before its demolition in 2010, it is now an imposing architectural wonder, boasting a retractable roof that forms the world’s biggest dome. 


Sports Hub is the venue that will hold most of the ASEAN Para Games sport and its carnival. The National stadium is also the venue where Singapore have hosted many football matches such as Japan, Juventus FC, Afghanistan, Myanmar and many other participating countries. Stadium field will be of natural grass field of play. Our athletes will get a once in a lifetime experience to play in the National Stadium where many great football matches has been held.



December is a rainy season for Singapore. Being able to host the games in Singapore National Stadium, its facility will provide a roof over head for matches to commence as per normal and ensure that matches do not get postponed or cancelled due to weather. This special opaque roof, designed with sustainability in mind, is able to keep out sunlight and heat, reducing the temperature inside the stadium while retaining the UV light needed to facilitate the growth of grass inside. Despite being an enormous 80-metre high structure, the entire roof takes just 20 minutes to close. When completely shut, almost all of the stadium’s seats will be sheltered.

Another state-of-the-art attribute of the National Stadium would be its novel cooling system in place of air-conditioners. Involving a groove that pumps 23-degrees-Celsius air out from under each seat, it helps to keep the arena a comfortable four to five degrees cooler than the local temperature outside.

The 2015 ASEAN Para Games will see it host the Athletics competitions. With a standard audience capacity of 55,000 in football mode, the National Stadium will definitely play host to spirited and enthusiastic crowds during the Games. The region will certainly bear witness not just to vibrant events, but also to dazzling spectacles set against the backdrop of this opulent edifice. Located beside the Stadium MRT station, it is accessible for public to go to watch the CP Football matches and as the venue will be shared with Athletics, spectators from Athletics session to will be encouraged to stay for the CP Football session to give teams a bigger crowd.

Prior to athletics events, the stadium will undergo an almost magical transformation. Within a 48-hour duration, some 5000 seats will be concealed in order for a track to be conjured up from beneath the ground, showcasing the National Stadium’s multi-functional design.


Key Facts and Statistics:

  • The National Stadium possesses one of the biggest LED screens in the world.
  • Capacity: Athletics: 50,000; Football/Rugby: 55,000โ€‹; Cricket: 52,000
  • Stadium bowl has comfort cooling serving each of the seating zonesโ€‹. Enviromentally Friendly system, energy is offset by Solar Panels installed on the rooftops
  • Retractable roof opens or closes in 20mins to reveal or hide the entire playing field. Roof can be closed for indoor games or retracted for outdoor games.