Russia and Ukraine as group winners to quarterfinals

Russia and Ukraine as group winners to quarterfinals


The conclusion of the group stage for Group C and D brought Ukraine and Russia, the finallists of the 2018 European Championships, as group winners. Ukraine beat Argentina by scoring two goals in the second half. Russia on the other hand scored already four in the first 30 minutes and settled the final score at 6-0. Thursday also brought the first victories for Australia and Canada.

With play being shifted to the 9 o'clock mark because of the hot weather in Seville, Ukraine and Argentina were very competitive in the first half of this important match in Group C. Both teams are fighting for the top position. Argentina had several good chances to open the score but the strikers couldn't find the right direction in their shots. Half time result 0-0. After several substitutions in the second half Ukraine scored two goals and reached in first position in the group.

Australia and Spain played for a better position going into the matches for 9th to 16th place. For the 3rd and 4th position they played a very even match. In the first half Spain had the best opportunities, but failed to score. It took till the 54 minute before the score was opened by Australia number 2 Benjamin Roche from a free kick. In the final minute the just substituted Matthew Hearne scored the 2-0 with a fantastic lob.

Dominant display by Russia

The match for Group D glory was dicided early in the first half. Russia were leading 4-0 at the half way point, showing what they are capable of on the football field. Captain Aleksei Borkin completed his hat trick early in the second half before substitution Sergei Materukhin finalised the match at 6-0. 

On the other pitch Canada and Thailand were battling over who would become third in the group. The final score of 4-0 was flattered. Both teams played an even game but Samuel Charon decided the match with three goals. The Thai team had a lot of shots blocked by the Canadian defenders. For their first participation in the World Cup they had a good performance and will now play for position 9 to 16 together with Canada.