Brazil, England and America are two for two

Brazil, England and America are two for two


Two more teams are certain of the quarterfinals, both Brazil and England won thier second matches in the group. USA are at the brink of qualifying, a draw against Ireland on Friday will be enough to see them trough to the last eight of the 2019 IFCPF World Cup. Iran had to fight back from 1-0 behind to get their first win of the tournament.


Brazil didn't waste any time in their match against Germany, within two minutes they were up 2-0. Brazil certainly were better adapted to the 38 degrees. Number 10 Cesar de Aguiar scored both and also scored the 3rd and 4th goal. Half time result 0-4. Immediately after the break Germany also scored and tried to come back in the game. However the Brazilians were too strong and scored three more goals in the second half. Final result 1-7.

England break down the Japanese wall

Japan's tactic was to defend as much as possible but already in the first minute England got a penalty and scored the first goal by Michael Barker. Japan continued with their tactic and it was difficult to find gaps for the England forwards. The half time result was 0-2. In the second half England dominated the match. They had over 90 percent ball possession and increased the score to 6-0.

On Friday Brazil and England will fight for top spot in Group A, their match is scheduled for 11.10 CEST.

USA get the greatest win in this year's World Cup

The US soccer team had a display of excellence against Finland. The world nr. 4 had no difficulty scoring goals. Nick Mayhugh scored five alone in the first half, making it 8-0 at the half way point. In the second half they managed to score five more, which gave them the biggest victory of the tournament so far.

Check out the match below. 

Rasul Atashafrouz helps Iran find their first victory

Asia-Oceania champions Iran had great difficulty overcoming Ireland. The Irish lead the way after thirty minutes by a goal of Dillon Sheridan. Iran had to adjust, bringing Rasul Atashafrouz on the pitch at the beginning of the second half. 

He scores four goals within that second half to let Iran take their first three points. On Friday they will face Finland to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. USA will play Ireland.